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Digital Link was born of president Derrick Meyer’s fascination with computers—a passion that stems from his childhood.

“My mom got me a book and… I taught myself how to program and I recreated a really simple video game on my old Commodore 64 computer. That was my introduction to computers.” Derrick Meyer, President, Digital Link

Derrick recalls spending his days off helping friends and acquaintances with computer and technical questions.

“I was approached by someone to help an accounting practice that was opening. During my four days off, I went in and I deployed a server to this accounting firm. They were my first client.”Derrick Meyer | President of Digital Link

Word of mouth spread, and Derrick gradually found himself taking on more requests. Soon after, he needed to decide whether to make IT his new full-time career. After discussing things with his wife Amanda, Derrick took a leap of faith and launched Digital Link, and has been proudly serving the digital needs of the Edmonton area ever since.

He recognized that he may face challenges as a new entry into a trust-based business. IT clients commit the security of their data and infrastructure to a highly trained specialist—a consummate professional with a wealth of experience.

We do digital differently.

Derrick didn’t start with another IT firm and instead chose to build Digital Link from scratch. He therefore carefully considered how to position his company and present himself. His approach is different but logical, and Digital Link’s solutions and pricing model make good business sense.

Clients tied in to annual contracts with other IT companies may forfeit unused support hours. With Digital Link, however, clients have the option of carrying a number of support hours forward as their needs fluctuate. Digital Link understands that some months, clients may use fewer support hours, while, other months, they may use more. Flexible billing reflects this reality and allows customers to iron out spikes and budget for the entire year.

Mission. Vision. Values.

  • We proudly place your interests first

    Digital Link always acts in the best interests of both its customers and staff.

  • We offer rewarding employment and job satisfaction

    As an employer, Digital Link offers flexibility, interesting work and competitive wages in return for competence, confidence and commitment.

  • We honour important key business values

    We value respect and integrity.

  • We do digital differently.

    We are creative, dynamic and driven to succeed.

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