Backup and Storage Solutions

Regardless of how prepared they are for the unexpected, businesses must face the inevitable at some point. Loss of business-critical data carries serious consequences in terms of an organization’s productivity, profitability and reputation.

At Digital Link, we work to help you safeguard against the catastrophic results that lost data or server crashes can cause.

Trust us to support a broad array of backup and storage solutions that not only provide unmatched agility and efficiency, but that are also fully customizable to any business model.

We ensure that your data is replicated multiple times. Redundant storage protects against data loss in the event of theft or hard disk failure: if one store fails, other backups exist. We understand the pros, cons and cost of consumer grade, out-of-country and enterprise/commercial grade solutions.

Trust us to explain key considerations such as:

  • Legal implications
  • Space requirements
  • Backup and storage location
  • Speed of retrieval and recovery

Not only must you take into account your space requirements, but also where your data is situated. Although you may conduct business operations in the Edmonton area, the location of your cloud-based backup or data farm determines which laws govern the use and storage of your data and who can access it. Canadian law requires that certain data be stored in Canada; however, other data stored in out-of-country data farms may be subject to search and seizure. In certain jurisdictions, law enforcement may access your data without your knowledge.

Instead of worrying whether your infrastructure is performing at its best, rest easy knowing that your data is always recoverable and can be restored to a point in time before a given incident.

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