Customer-Focused Solutions

Take reservations and appointments online, or let customers connect with a support agent in real time. Replace text-heavy webpages with video to reduce churn.

Although you may conduct business in Edmonton, your online business solutions can take you anywhere.

Customers demand quick response, convenience and self-service tools. Customer-focused solutions deliver.

Appointment Scheduling

Do you dislike having to compare booking schedules, manually send reminder emails and keep track of existing appointments in various calendars?

Do you dream of more bookings and fewer no-shows?

With this powerful solution, you can:

  • use easy drag-and-drop functionality to add, remove or customize form fields
  • Let clients easily book your services, classes and staff, and pay for appointments online, 24/7—even when your business is closed
  • Integrate your booking experience with your website or Facebook page
  • Store appointments in relevant customer profiles and gain insight into interaction histories
  • Get up to 40% more bookings
  • Reduce no-shows by up to 80% with customized and automated email and SMS (text) reminders before scheduled appointments

Dynamic Form Builder

Do you collect information about your clients using forms on your website? Do you dream of a way to turn the data collected into valuable leads? What if there were an easy way to create or change dynamic forms on the fly—even if you don’t know the first thing about programming?



Dynamic Form Builder lets you:

  • use easy drag-and-drop functionality to add, remove or customize form fields
  • create forms in minutes—in real time and according to your business needs
  • use the live preview mode to visualize your forms in real time
  • combine open-ended and multiple-choice questions to create surveys and collect data on consumer behaviour
  • enhance your client data by collecting and storing every form response and lead profile
  • direct form responses to one or multiple email addresses
  • develop a seamless understanding of customer needs and greater insight into valuable leads

Live Chat

Consumers value being able to chat with a company representative or support agent in real time. In fact, 77% of them believe it improves a business’s reputation.

Why not make your business easily accessible?

Live Chat lets you interact with your prospects and customers while they browse your website. Get more chats thanks to a seamless user experience.

With this powerful solution, you can:

  • Prompt a chat with customers after they’ve spent a specific—and pre-determined—amount of time on your site
  • Set proactive messages to encourage online consumers to ask their questions
  • Answer visitors faster with shortcuts and preset texts
  • Easily manage and jump to new customer conversations
  • Transfer files such as price lists, product information sheets and manuals to your clients
  • Collect names and email addresses before a chat begins, so customers and their conversation histories are always saved
  • Set opening hours and activate contact forms for offline time
  • Measure chat engagement with Google Analytics
  • Leverage conversation histories for staff training and quality assurance purposes


A picture is worth a thousand words.

Imagine what a moving picture—video—can do for your business!
It’s estimated that 60% of website visitors watch video content before reading text on the same page. Given the choice, wouldn’t you rather reduce churn, increase customer satisfaction and grow revenue instead of making consumers read through boring blocks of text?

Consider video as the most engaging way to connect with your clients.

Leverage its power to:

  • Introduce your business and share what makes it special
  • Tell your story, in your words, and significantly increase brand association
  • Visually familiarize new customers with your location and staff
  • Showcase new products, seasonal sales and services
  • Share powerful client testimonials

All post-production is handled internally by our experienced team of editors, ensuring brand standards and quality control for all our clients. Once the video is complete, you will receive an email with a download link and a preview of the video.

Our BetterVideo solution offers:

  • Professionally edited video with royalty-free music, client-provided images and/or stock images
  • A professionally written script
  • Custom male/female voiceover
  • Advanced transitions between images
  • On-screen text to support messaging
  • Motion graphics and animated background
  • Turnaround within 5 business days

Not convinced? These examples speak for themselves.

Restaurant – Cambridge Bar & Grill

Plumbing service – ABC Plumbing

Chiropractor – Cambridge Chiropractic