Happy International Women’s Day

Kristi ShmyrUncategorized

International Women's DayIn honour of today’s International Women’s Day, we thought we would take some time to honour the women of Digital Link.

Have you ever watched Mad Men? Men have historically dominated advertising, sales and copywriting, and it probably wasn’t too different than what was depicted on the show. Things have definitely improved for women in the field, but male copywriters, for example, are still paid 29% more – on average – than their female counterparts. We have made great strides in the industry and there is always more work to be done.

But at Digital Link, there has always been a place for women (or men, or anyone else on any spectrum. Except children. We draw the line at employing children. Their hands are way too small and sticky.) In fact, our entire social media and graphic design department (the modern version of the Mad Men-style advertising of the past), our entire sales department, and our entire copywriting team are female.

To Amanda, our graphic design wizard; Patricia, our regional sales executive; Alyce, our social media/copywriting manager; Kristi and Breanna, our social media/copywriting gurus; and even to Derrick, our honorary woman, we say Happy International Women’s Day!