Maintenance and Upgrades

Machines run best when they are maintained well and maintained regularly. The same applies to a business’s systems.

Trust Digital Link for your computer maintenance needs.


An in-depth cleaning of a computer’s interior and exterior helps extend its overall life cycle. This process involves removing dirt, dust and debris from the interior components and other hardware components, including the keyboard, monitor, mouse and tower.

Fans maintain airflow and are an integral party of a computer’s cooling system. Unfortunately, they bring in dust, as well as air. Regular cleaning removes dust and can help prevent overheating. Digital Link technicians are happy to travel throughout the Edmonton area to help you keep your hardware clean and in working order.


You depend on your IT infrastructure. We understand how vital your business-critical data is to your day-to-day operations. If your system requires major maintenance, we ensure that your data is backed up and secure before installing updates.


Unnecessary, duplicate and fragmented files can all cause a computer to run slowly. We delete files you no longer need, and maintain operating system and registry files to improve performance. We can also help you with software and antivirus updates to remove bugs and address security vulnerabilities.

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