Social Media Management

Have you ever been recognized by someone who knows you from social media?

Having a strong social media presence is incredibly important to gain new business. According to Forbes, approximately 31% of online referrals come from social media. People trust you more when they can find you online – consumers who search for local businesses are more likely to use businesses with information on social media. But social media is not only important to attract new customers – it also helps you build a relationship with your current customers.

When someone on Facebook asks:

“Do you know a good (plumber/accountant/professional cat-cuddler)?”

Are you a quick tag away?

With our online presence management solution, you (or we!) can:

  • Create business pages for such networks as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • View statistics for these social profiles and compare your presence against the industry average
  • Use social media to identify hot business opportunities and find real-time leads based on activity in your area
  • Curate and republish content from a number of culled sources
  • Create compelling content that resonates with your audiences and push it out to popular social networks
  • Measure your social media audience against that of your competitors
  • Monitor your social activity and see what customers are saying about you online