What our clients are saying

We have many happy clients from Edmonton and surrounding area.
Here’s what they are saying about Digital Link.

“Many people SAY they want to use their work to help others. Derrick truly does. I initially asked Derrick to contact a not for profit group because they desperately needed help with their website. Derrick took the time to meet with the administrator and figure out what they were all about, what concerns they had and what might help them best. He went on to provide a number of resources on how the association could get freebies.The best part about it is that free and discounted items go A LONG way in a not for profit organization. Derrick provided not only computer related resources (which you would expect him to have knowledge about) but also where the group could get free/discounted office supplies, furniture and even office space. I have absolutely NO hesitation in recommending Derrick Meyer and Digital Link.”

David Moulds - Return on Wealth Inc. - May 8, 2017

“Last week someone managed to hack my phone number and was calling random numbers numerous times to the point where I was receiving angry, threatening voicemails. Derrick took a look at my phone to check that everything was secure with my apps and information. Although there was nothing to be done but wait he told me exactly what to do and who to contact to protect myself and my business. Thankfully I have not received any more threatening voicemails, and I am forever grateful for the support of my BNI family. I will be sending everyone to Derrick to get the same support and protect themselves from fraud. Thank you!”

Stephanie Lycka - Unforgettable Spaces

“DHCP Scopes are configured on switches/routers. DHCP is a client/server protocol that automatically provides an Internet Protocol (IP) host computer with its IP address and other related configuration information such as the subnet mask and default gateway.” To the average person this information is interesting but is not part of their everyday language or understanding. For Derrick Meyer and his team at Digital Link providing clarity and peace of mind to their customers, related to computers and business operating systems, is part of their everyday activities. Derrick and his team help businesses understand the scope of their computer systems, providing the opportunity for increased confidence and maximum performance. To better serve our staff, clients and the integrity of our intellectual capital St. Albert Honda hired the team at Digital Link to perform a thorough systems audit. Our onstaff IT personnel are excited about the recommendations & support to take our computer operation systems to the next level. Derrick and his team performed a top notch analysis of our systems and opened our eyes to the possibilities enhanced systems will provide. We are excited to continue working with the team at Digital Link – they know their stuff and we know we are in good hands. Thank you, Derrick, Job Well Done!!.”

Ross Hodgins - St. Albert Honda - Jan 24, 2017

“One of the busiest times of the year for a public accounting office is February. In early February I asked Derrick to look at the laptop I use at the office as it was having some issues. Derrick was very diligent to make sure I was not inconvenienced and made sure I did not have any down time. He appreciates how busy we are at this time of year. Derrick took the time on a weekend to run various tests to see if the computer could be repaired. As it urns out the laptop was DONE. Well no computer to work on in February can spell disaster and a nervous breakdown for any accountant in public practice. Derrick made sure to have a laptop brought to the office first thing Monday. He immediately starting loading programs and making sure all connections to the network and email was up and running. Within hours I had a fully operational computer and was back to work. I would recommend Derrick to anyone needing computer expertise and professional advice. He has been a saviour time and time again both for my home internet issues and now with my office computer issues. One business woman I referred to Derrick had only rave reviews to say. She was very pleased with the quick, professional and friendly service she received from Derrick. Keep up the good work Derrick. The Colby Steckly team appreciates everything you do.”

Ida Colby - Colby Steckly Chartered Accountants - Feb 17, 2016

“I first met Derrick Meyer, from Digital Link in 2015 at a BNI meeting in St. Albert. After meeting with Derrick to learn about his business and how he became an IT expert, I decided to give Derrick a shot at our IT work. This was a real difficult change for our firm as for the last 17 years, a family member has always been responsible for all our IT work including the back-ups and building new workstations and installing new servers. Derrick took the time at the beginning of the relationship to meet with Christopher, our current IT pro and review our processes. The transition has been seamless and the service has been so fantastic, that I wish this transition had happened long ago. If you are looking for an IT person who cares about you and loves what he does, call Derrick Meyer, you will not be disappointed.”

Barbara Steckly - Preferred Client Services - Jan 11, 2016

“I had used Digital Link to create and launch a website for a new venture for our company. I was very pleased with the detail and flexibility they were able to provide with their service. Although Graphic Design was not originally part of the agreement, Amanda was very helpful in using the existing graphics and making them work for the different platforms requested. Not only was their service prompt and professional, but their after sales service was spot on. Digital Link is an ideal company for use for small-medium size businesses that do not require a full time IT Department. We have a full time IT company, but we continue to use Digital Link for services that aren’t provided in our IT company’s contract.”

Matthew Murray - Yorkton Group - May 5, 2015