Website Development

Your website should be more than a glossy online brochure or link repository.

You know you need a website. Or at least you know you are supposed to know that you need a website. You may also be wondering:

  • Why do I need a website?
  • Where do I start? What is a domain name? Where do you want it hosted? Where is your flux capacitor?
  • You have a website, and it doesn’t do anything for you. What is the point?

If you find yourself asking any, or all, of these questions: Digital Link can help. Whether you have a website that isn’t working for you, or no website at all, we want to be the team that you trust to get you noticed online.

Need a website?

If you don’t already have a website, chances are, someone has already told you that you need one. And maybe you have considered building it yourself, or having your teenage son do it.

Websites are more than just images and words, though. They are people’s – important people, people with money – first impression. And first impressions are just as important online as they are in person.

Already have a website

Just because you have a website doesn’t mean you have a good website. Maybe it looks like it was designed on an Atari. Maybe it has out-of-date information, but you don’t know how to update it. Maybe it looks beautiful, but it just sits there, doing nothing.

A website refresh can be a game changer. A fresh new look can breathe new life into a business – suddenly you are a little more proud to hand out your business cards. More importantly, the things that Digital Link can do on the back end of your website will completely change your bottom line. With so many places on a website that can lose customers, fixing these issues with a website refresh can transform your marketing.

A few of our favorite projects

We take pride in providing the best service to each client. Here are a few of our recent projects.

Or browse through our portfolio of past projects:

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At Digital Link, we know that exceptional web design is not about technology itself. Usability is about people, their expectations and the ways they interact with that technology.

Consumers use the Internet to:

  • Read news
  • Connect with friends
  • Book travel and/or accommodations
  • Make online purchases and payments.
  • Make dinner reservations or schedule appointments.

We understand consumer behaviour, and we design web interfaces based on these—and other—common activities.

We include skilled copywriting among our web design and development services. Your company’s message, however compelling, means nothing if online audiences can’t find, read or use it. We understand that writing for the Web is different from writing for print, and that’s why we leverage our knowledge of plain language best practices and search engine optimization (SEO).

We’re also well versed in web usability and user-centered web design. We know that a sleek, responsive website is key in attracting visitors and winning conversions. Whether your customer base is centred in Edmonton and surrounding areas, or whether you conduct operations around the world, we can help make consumers’ experience with your company even better.

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