Give for Good Charity Spotlight

Give for Good

July 25, 2022 • Charity Spotlight

How often do you have an item that you no longer need, and wish that you could find an individual or family who would benefit from it? This month, we are excited to introduce you to a new non-profit, Give for Good, where you will be able to do just that! Those who are seeking specific items are also able to connect with people who are wanting to donate. Give for Good also links with other non-profits in the community, and business owners who wish to donate goods or services, all with the goal of helping those in need. 

Give for Good is the result of its Founder, Meighan Sommer, who saw a need in the community. Meighan is a wife and mother of three young children and is passionate about helping those in her community. Her understanding of the importance and appreciation for public programs and supports was ingrained from a very young age when her youngest brother was diagnosed with Autism. This experience motivated Meighan to volunteer and work in areas near and dear to her heart. She feels particularly passionate about Special Olympics, where she has volunteered as a coach and a mentor to athletes with intellectual disabilities for over 18 years. Meighan’s lived experience of the importance and significance of needing good social policies and programs to help our most vulnerable, motivated her to pursue a Master’s in Public Health. Meighan has worked in a variety of healthcare settings including the Ministry of Health, Covenant Health, and Alberta Health Services. Although Meighan loves the meaningful work she does working for the public sector, she recognizes that many barriers exist for individuals and families trying to access the goods and services they need. She is hopeful that Give for Good will simultaneously foster meaningful giving while connecting vulnerable community members with the goods and services they need. 

Currently, Give for Good is entirely volunteer run. From individuals who have helped with the website, grant and funding applications, project support, marketing, social media, and design, to students who have helped develop the application, which is still in its pilot stage. The goal of the app is to deliver a web-based platform to connect vulnerable community members to a network of businesses and individuals looking to give. The organization serves two audiences: givers and receivers. Receivers include individuals and families in need, as well as the charities, non-profits, schools, and social workers who are working to support them. Givers include businesses and community members who are looking for meaningful and tangible ways to give back. This platform is the first and only centralized repository in Canada that organizations and individuals in need can use to seek high demand goods and services and connect with those who are looking to provide them. This removes barriers and streamlines giving and receiving between parties.  

So, how can you help Give for Good? Partnering with EMCN, if you are wanting to give a monetary donation, you can do so through the website. You will be directed to a form to complete, and a charity receipt will be issued on behalf of Give for Good. With the support of our community, once enough funds are raised, Give for Good will be able to pilot the application, and individuals will be able to complete the process through the website. 

If you are wanting to volunteer, work for a non profit who may be interested in partnering with Give for Good, are a business owner looking to donate services, or would like offer pro-bono work, please contact Meighan. With the goal of launching in the fall or winter, follow Give for Good on Facebook and/or Instagram to stay up to date! 

We think this initiative is wonderful, and an incredible benefit to our community. We look forward to following Give for Good’s journey over the next several months. A big thank you to Meighan for all her hard work, passion, and time speaking with us!  

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