Search Engine Optimization

At Digital Link, we use a multipronged method to capture your audience by optimizing both on-and off-page SEO while keeping you informed on how search engines are ranking your website.

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Reaching the first page can be a challenge. With an ever-changing search engine (Google) and growing competition, you must stay up-to-date on your website.

You know your business better than anyone. As we dive through each step, we keep you informed with updates, reports, dashboards, and active communication.

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SEO Audit

An audit serves to identify issues that may affect your organic search performance.

Competitor Analysis

We don't always have to invent the wheel. Understanding what your competitors are ranking for supports the development of your own SEO strategy.

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Content Development

Quality content is crucial to rank high on Google. Everything from images, videos, text, white space, and formatting is used as an indicator for the quality of a website.

Off-page Optimization

Who's linking to your website? How many links lead to your website? What quality are those links? These questions define the SEO of your off-page ranking.