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Your data is the core of your business.

Digital Link believes in the 3–2–1 backup strategy. 3 copies of data (your live data with 2 additional copies) on 2 different media (cloud and disk) with 1 copy off-site for disaster recovery. Backup your data.

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Our services include: backups through the cloud, tape backups, external drive backups, and service based backups such as VEEAM, or VMWare.


6 Critical Reasons for Backups & Security Services

It is vital that you have direct access to, and control over, your backup. If data is lost, accidentally deleted or maliciously attacked, backups and security allow you to recover lost data quickly.

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Accidental Deletion

Retention, Policy Gaps, and Confusion

Internal Security Threats

External Security Threats

Legal and Compliance Requirements

Managing Hybrid Email Deployments and Migrations

In 2020, 93% of businesses that went more than 10 days without their data, filed for bankruptcy within 1 year. This staggering fact demonstrates the need for businesses to find the right solution.

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Microsoft 365 Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup for Office 365 provides Business Continuity if your data is compromised.

This powerful tool allows your business to recover from data loss quickly, and accurately. Our Microsoft 365 backup solution provides data protection and data recovery including:

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Restoration for: Emails, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, Notes, and Journals.


Backup of all mailboxes and public folders.

Backup & Restore

Backup and restore SharePoint files, lists, OneDrive for Business files, folders, and permissions.

Deletion Security

Deleted item retention.

Trust the Digital Link team to select and deploy a backup solution that keeps you protected.

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