Keep your business safe from cyber risk

Keep Your Business Safe from Cyber Risk

August 12, 2021 • Cybersecurity

If you have followed Digital Link on social media, know us professionally, or have worked with us directly, you know that our main goal is to keep our clients (and others!) safe; especially online. For most businesses the time lost, if impacted, can be devastating.  

We had the opportunity to ask our friend Lane Gross, Partner at Lloyd Sadd, some important questions regarding cyber risk and how you can protect your business.  

Digital Link (DL): Briefly explain what you do.

Lane Gross (LG): We build strategic partnerships with our clientele to provide innovative and proactive Risk Management Solutions to help them manage their risk as they pursue growth.  

(DL): Who do you help?  

(LG): We work with medium to large sized Alberta based businesses who are looking for an entrepreneurial approach to reduce their total costs of risk. Many of our clients have national and global reach, which we are proud to help them in any community they serve.  

(DL): Why is cyber insurance important?  

(LG): Cyber Risk was the fastest growing exposure in 2020 as breaches were up over 500%. This has drastically transformed the landscape for all businesses and transferring this risk to an experienced insurer is no longer an option; it’s a necessity. 

(DL): Can you tell us some examples of how you have protected businesses?  

(LG): Working proactively with our clients to prevent the loss before it occurs is always a best practice. We pride ourselves in connecting our clients with industry leaders to encourage a united approach against cyber criminals. However, should a breech occur, placing the proper coverage with an experienced Cyber Insurer is vital. This can be an incredibly stressful time for any business and having a risk management partner guiding you along the way is the peace of mind your company deserves. 

(DL): What should I consider when I’m thinking about Cyber insurance for my business? 

(LG): There are a number of factors that can help identify the exposure for your organization. Evaluating the extent of your online presence, the number of employees/clients/suppliers you have, how much confidential and personal information you have access to, are you doing financial online transactions, can be a few of the factors that can expose your firm to unwanted cyber activity.  

We want to thank Lane for his time and expertise; we greatly appreciate his dedication to keeping businesses safe. 

We know that there is a vast amount of information available to businesses and it can be overwhelming to know what your best options are. Our goal is to not only offer excellent service, but also help educate you and your employees on how to keep your business and information safe. If you have any questions, we encourage you to reach out to us or to Lane and his team of experts.

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