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Keeping your Smartphone Secure

February 22, 2018 • Cybersecurity

Want to know what cyber security expert and research Nicholas Weaver recommends as the most important thing in keeping your smart phone secure?

Do the updates regularly and quickly.

I know – it’s annoying. You can’t use your phone for like 10 whole minutes and most of us like to delay the update for as long as possible. But that update is the most important step you can take in keeping your technology secure. It is the most important step to keep your phone secure from hackers that want to take your information, and also, it also helps to keep you from passing any malware to your friends.

Companies do research on threats – they have whole teams of researchers. Those updates are the product of that research. They are essentially immunizations against the threats they find; they fill holes in your security and make your life a whole lot less complicated in the long run.

One more caveat: if you have a phone that isn’t made by Apple (iPhone) or Google (Pixel, Nexus) directly, or a much older phone, you may be at greater risk: not all of the patches and security fixes are going to be sent to your phone. Something to consider when buying a new phone.

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