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Is Pinterest Still Relevant for Business Marketing?

August 3, 2023 • Digital Marketing

The world of social media marketing presents itself as a rapidly changing maze of opportunities. Among the array of platforms, it’s easy for our attention to be consumed by the traditional giants: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. Yet, beneath the shadow of these behemoths lies a platform that is making waves in the sphere of online marketing, demonstrating itself as a potent tool for business growth. This underappreciated titan is Pinterest, a platform filled with vibrant visuals, creative ideas, and engaging content. 

As of 2023, Pinterest boasted a staggering user base of 450 million monthly active users


Pinterest might appear to be simply an eccentric collage of digital images, ideas, and inspirations. However, beneath this façade of creative chaos lies a well-organized network of highly engaged users. As of 2023, Pinterest boasted a staggering user base of 450 million monthly active users, showcasing an exponential growth trajectory that can’t be ignored. 

Engagement makes Pinterest a promising marketing tool 

The strength of Pinterest extends far beyond its growing numbers. It is the engagement behavior of Pinterest users that truly sets it apart from other social media platforms. Pinterest isn’t a pipeline for aimless scrolling; it’s a haven for individuals seeking inspiration, learning new concepts, and planning future purchases. Users visit the platform with a clear purpose, curating ideas, creating boards, and sharing unique content. This active engagement results in an audience that is not only receptive but also responsive, enabling businesses to forge deeper connections with potential consumers. 

Pinterest is experiencing a growing demographic 

Understanding your audience is crucial in crafting an effective marketing strategy. Data indicates that 60% of Pinterest users are females, a significant percentage when compared to other platforms. This demographic alone offers a valuable target for many businesses. A noteworthy development has been the rise of male users on the platform, accounting for 50% of new sign-ups. This broadening user base signifies an evolving landscape within Pinterest, providing businesses an opportunity to reach a wider audience. 

Pinterest is proving to be a favourite among millennials. Approximately 80% of this generation reportedly use the platform. Considering millennials’ purchasing power and influence over emerging trends, their presence offers businesses an invaluable avenue for marketing their products and services. 

Person searching Pinterest for inspiration, outside on picnic table
Pinterest isn’t a pipeline for aimless scrolling; it’s a haven for individuals seeking inspiration, learning new concepts, and planning future purchases. Users visit the platform with a clear purpose, curating ideas, creating boards, and sharing unique content.

83% of Pinterest users make a purchase 

How does Pinterest fit into the larger picture of consumer decision-making? A study by Deloitte found that 47% of social media users admit that social media influences their purchasing decisions. In the case of Pinterest, users aren’t just browsing; they’re actively planning and seeking inspiration for future purchases. The platform reported that 83% of its weekly users made a purchase based on the content they saw from brands on Pinterest. This is a testament to the platform’s potential as a direct channel for influencing consumer purchasing behavior. 

Furthermore, Pinterest offers unique marketing features to businesses, such as ‘Shop the Look’ pins and ‘Product Pins’, providing real-time pricing and stock information and a direct link to the product page. These features bridge the gap between inspiration and action, making Pinterest not just a site for discovery but also a platform for transaction. 

Pinterest can build your brand 

Beyond fostering a stronger brand presence, Pinterest offers an opportunity for businesses to build trust with their potential consumers. Every pin or board created by a company is a chance to showcase its brand and what it stands for. Businesses can demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices, their dedication to providing high-quality products, or their knack for keeping up with the latest trends. As consumers increasingly value transparency and authenticity, this social proof on Pinterest can significantly boost a brand’s credibility. 

Analytical graph of data detailing Pinterest pin clicks by device.
Graph data above, provided by Pinterest, outlines the total amount of pin clicks by device.

Pinterest drives ongoing traffic to your website 

What further distinguishes Pinterest as a critical business tool is its ability to drive organic traffic. Unlike other social media platforms, where content has a short lifespan, pins on Pinterest can circulate for months, sometimes even years, ensuring a sustained visibility for the business. Pinterest is, in fact, the top social network for referral traffic, driving more traffic to company websites than any other social platform. A strategic use of SEO principles, along with the Pinterest search feature, can increase a brand’s discoverability and thereby bring a steady stream of potential customers to its site. 

Pinterest provides audience analytics 

Pinterest also provides businesses with comprehensive analytics tools. With Pinterest Analytics, businesses can gain insights into the types of content their audience resonates with, the optimal time to post, and how their pins are driving website traffic. These insights empower businesses to refine their strategy, create more engaging content, and ultimately increase their return on investment. 

Analytics Overview on Pinterest outlining Impressions, Saves, and Outbound Clicks.
Pinterest provides a quick overview of your most recent analytics, right on the dashboard!

Yes, Pinterest is still relevant to business marketing 

It’s essential to note the long-term value that Pinterest offers. When a user pins an image or saves a board, it becomes part of their personal collection. This saved content continually reminds users of the products or services they’re interested in, encouraging revisits and potential conversions. This demonstrates Pinterest’s effectiveness as a platform for maintaining brand visibility and relevance in the long run. 

Pinterest does offer a unique blend of demographic reach, high user engagement, and purchasing influence, all of which make it an incredible addition to social media marketing. Embracing Pinterest as part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy is no longer a choice, but a necessity for businesses seeking to thrive in today’s digital landscape, contact us if you’re curious about using Pinterest for your business. 

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