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Understanding Digital Marketing Part 4: Know Your Tools

August 27, 2020 • Digital Marketing

You need to use the right tools if you want to have a successful sales funnel for your digital marketing campaign. More importantly, you need to know how to use those tools. Today, we will discuss each stage of the funnel and look at useful tools for each one. 

Brand Awareness (Top Of Funnel) 

Previously, we discussed how the TOF is all about getting in front of people who don’t know your brand so that you can begin to build a relationship. Here are two common mediums to use for the top of funnel digital marketing campaigns. 

Social Media Posts Pay-Per Click Ads  
•Have a Call to Action 
• Use a photo or video 
•Solve a problem and outline benefits 
•Be concise 
•Test for best time to post 
Research hashtags 
Research relevant topics  
•Use Conversion Trackers (Google Tags, Facebook Pixel etc.) 
•A/B Test 
•Call to Action 
•Solve a problem/sell benefits 
•Direct to landing page 
•Create personas or avatars to sell to  

Evaluation (Middle of Funnel) 

At this stage, perspective clients are doing their research and learning about you. They want to find information and decide whether they require your products or services. Ensure that you use these marketing tools for your evaluation level platforms. 

Optimized Website SEO/Blogs Google My Business 
•Large visible call to action 
•NAP’s (Name, Address and phone number) 
•Concise wording 
•Information on what you sell 
Keyword Research 
•Engaging content 
•Photos or videos with alt tags 
•On YouTube, enable closed captions on your video 
•Photos  •Posts 
•Updated info  

Conversion (Middle of Funnel) 

Once your potential client has evaluated your business and feels confident that they know, like and trust you, we move them to the conversion part of the funnel. This is where you send individuals to a landing page with a lead magnet for them to download. In exchange for downloading the free content, they give you their email address or phone number so you can contact them. It is important you follow CASL legislation: You must ensure your wording is clearly stated. People need to understand that they are granting permission for you to contact them. 

Landing Page Lead Magnet 
•Video or Photo 
•Call to Action 
•Lead Magnet 
•Online seminar 
•Cheat Sheet   

Affinity (Bottom of Funnel) 

The affinity section appears everywhere from brands. For example, when visiting a website, an offer will appear with an incentive or deal to entice you to sign up.  

Free Trials Free Audits Coupons/Sale 
•7 day trial 
•30 day trial 
•One on one session 
•A percentage off 
•Buy 1 get 1 free 

Champion (Bottom of Funnel) 

At this point, your cold lead is now a customer. Therefore, you need to 1) train them to sell for you, 2) stay connected with them so you stay top of mind, and 3) create a culture around your brand for people to celebrate. Make sure you don’t come off as a pushy salesperson.  

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  Train Satisfied Customers to be Advocates  
•Email marketing 
•Incentivize them to send you clients  
•Teach them to create content that highlights your product or service 

Knowing your tools will help you create a succinct sales funnel that will help clients find you. Be sure to read all our Understanding Digital Marketing series. Today, we gave you useful digital marketing tools. We also give you a basic overview, layout the buyers journey and show you how to build relationships with prospective clients. With this knowledge, you will be able to make sales funnels that not only convert but create satisfied customers who champion your brand! 

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