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An Exciting New Tech Insomnia Solution

January 18, 2019 • Product Reviews

Insomnia is a problem for Canadians. In a 2007-2013 Statistics Canada study, it was revealed that 43 per cent of men and 55 per cent of women in the 18 to 64 age group reported trouble going to sleep or staying asleep “sometimes/most of the time/all of the time.” Although there are a number of potential answers for this sleep problem, we want to tell you about a new tech insomnia solution.

High Tech Insomnia Solution

Check out URGOnight, a new sleep headband that was named as a Consumer Electronics Show 2019 Innovation Award Nominee in the Wearable Technology category. The device is from a French startup and it claims the device helps users fall asleep 40% faster and helps to reduce the number of times they wake up in the night by more than half, in just 3 months.

Sure, wearing a giant, awkward headband doesn’t seem like a great way to improve sleep. But you don’t actually have to wear it in bed. You wear the headband – during the day – in 20 minute sessions, three times a week. It measures brain activity with an electroencephalogram (EEG) measurement device, and uses an app on your phone to interpret the brainwaves. You are then given custom training exercises on the app to train your brain to sleep better.

Oof that price though

With a $600 price tag, it might be an investment many aren’t excited to make. But for chronic insomniacs, that might be worth it. If you are excited to give it a try, you can get on the pre-order list at

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