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Digital Link: Behind the Communications Chat 

May 26, 2022 • Social Media

Did you know that most of the team at Digital Link works remotely? While you can find our IT Support agents in the office, our digital marketing team take care of our clients from the comfort of our own homes. This means we are online communications experts, even prior to the pandemic! And, with that, comes many interesting conversations… While we certainly know when to keep it professional, we are no strangers to sharing a laugh or an entertaining story with one another. 

Technology is amazing and has played a significant part in keeping people connected. Whether for personal video calls, or professional ones, there are a variety of choices and incorporating them into your life is incredibly easy. Digital Link uses Microsoft Teams, not only to keep connected but also to stay on task and organized!  

We thought it would be fun to share a bit of our flashback memories inspired by a recent Teams chat. 

Usually, it begins with a simple meme. If you don’t know our Communications Coordinator, Alyce, then you may not know her passion for a well-placed meme or GIF. (She needs an intervention, but that’s for another day)!  

On this day, it was Derrick who shared the following: 

Oh, the memories!

We know many of you can also vividly hear the sound cracking through these speakers and knew to anticipate an incoming phone call! Even wilder? We answered it without knowing who was on the other end of the call, like it was no big deal. Can you imagine?!? 

Or perhaps you remember bribing your sibling to stay off the phone due to the cursed landline internet connection!   

Along with the crackling of the speaker, we continued to chat about double tape boom boxes and how difficult it was to record mix tapes! Yes, you read that right Gen Z, we used to make our own mix cassette tapes from songs played from the radio.  

Kickin’ it old school! 

The struggle was real! You had to ensure you were properly set up, with your fingers in place on the button, ready to hit record at the perfect moment. All while you waited in desperation, hoping your favourite song came on next, and that the DJ didn’t talk all the way through the start or end of the song.  

Then, we had to learn the lyrics to our favourite song by either listening to them on repeat or reading off the insert included with the cassette tape. 

It’s amazing how far technology has come. From taping songs off the radio with our boom boxes, to easily streaming it through our devices with one touch. The nostalgia of these moments is cherished and, while it sounds cliché, these were the good ol’ days!  

      Remember using a pencil to fix your cassettes? 

Do you remember the first mix tape you made for someone, or received? Find us on Facebook and let us know! We hope you enjoyed this blast from the past post, and we look forward to sharing more “behind the communications chat” in the future! 

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