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Guest Post Featuring Derrick Meyer: “How I Landed My Largest Client Using Social Media”

January 8, 2019 • Social Media

Do you struggle with building your client list?  If so, you aren’t alone. Almost 47% of businesses report that their largest challenge is finding new business and 92% of businesses invested more into social media in 2018.

It is clear that businesses are looking to increase their branding, awareness, and lead generation through social media.  Successful businesses excel at their own specialties; this is why they are successful.  However, tackling social media is not an easy feat. It is key to have a strategy in place before blindly diving in.

In regards to my own social media platforms, I needed to make sure that I started with a well thought out plan. Since corporate social media requires a much different approach than personal social media, research and planning is key.

To begin, I asked myself the following questions:

  • What is my target demographic? 
  • What is my target demographic interested in? 
  • How can I interact with my target demographic in a meaningful way? 

People want to build authentic connections through social media and it should not be used for direct marketing: a common mistake among many businesses and individuals.

I was aware of my key audience, but I wasn’t exactly sure how to successfully connect with them. However, I know from experience that sales are about relationships. So, what did I do? I started using social media as a platform for communication instead of a free advertising tool.  I had a list of specific people I wanted to meet and my research helped me discover which social media platform matched my demographic best.

I began to connect with local businesspeople with the same goal I had: to grow. I developed a contact schedule for people I met at networking events and trade shows. I then built off my in-person meetings and introductions and turned them into continued touch points online. Building your brand and staying top of mind creates opportunities. Finding your key demographic, building connections, and staying in touch are vital to creating opportunities and building a client list using social media. How do I know this? Because these steps led me to my ideal client.

Following these steps I was connected to someone at a business I felt aligned itself with my goals and my beliefs. We started speaking, and eventually, doing business together.

Social media takes time, planning, and requires a specific strategy. Long gone are the days where posting non-stop about your brand produced returns. Ensure you are using your social media platforms to build true connections based on respect, value, and shared commonalities. If you need help with your own social media strategy, please contact our team today!

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