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Technology Resolutions to Make in 2023 

January 2, 2023 • Tech Tips

A new year is upon us! At Digital Link, we want to ensure you (and your personal information!) stay safe at home and at work. So, here are six technology resolutions to consider in 2023! 

Don’t recycle passwords 

We’ve heard it a million times! It’s easier to remember one password than to remember one for every single place you sign into. But here’s the thing – it’s also easier for someone trying to steal your data. If your password has ever been involved in a data breach, you are making it easy for someone to access every other account you own. Don’t think changing one character is enough! Create strong, complicated passwords, unique to every account. We suggest using a password manager to make your life easier and keep your passwords safe.  

Update immediately 

One of life’s big annoyances is when you get that notification on your phone or your computer, asking you to update. Who has time for that? Well, you need to find the time to do it as this is extremely important. Malware often spreads because people fail to complete this simple task.  

If you’ve ever been frustrated that your operating system doesn’t do enough to protect you from online threats, ask yourself if you’ve been doing your updates. That’s how they protect you. 

Don’t use public Wi-Fi 

Unsecured Wi-Fi is convenient when you don’t want to use up your data. The key word we really need you to pay attention to is unsecured. The very thing that makes it easy to use, makes it dangerous. It can be simple for others using that network to access your data. Don’t risk it! Pay the price for a good data plan that keeps you covered. 

Drive traffic to your website 

Social media drives a third of all referral traffic to websites. While that isn’t necessarily going to close any sales (you must have a good website for that. If you don’t…we should talk), the first step to any sale is having a potential customer say, “I’m interested”. 

Even if you don’t turn every click into a sale, the act of increasing your website traffic benefits your business. It helps establish your website as a place worth visiting, which means you will be easier to find in Google. 

Get social   

For many of our clients, their main problem with social media is that it doesn’t work the way they want it to. Most businesses expect to post offers and see new clients rolling in, but that’s not how to leverage social media effectively. Although it can help to increase online traffic to your website, and it can be used to make direct sales, it is not (nor is it meant to be) a quick path to profit. What it is, is an avenue to foster relationships with your existing and future clients. It takes time and consistency; but those connections, over time, benefit your bottom line. 

Provide quality customer service 

The willingness to listen is critical. Think about how you would expect to be treated as a customer. Customer service doesn’t have to be complicated. It should be consistent, thorough, and client focused.  

You can also use social media to provide quality customer service. Many people use social media to reach out to businesses to provide customer service. Whether it be an inquiry, a recommendation, or to voice a concern, utilize these platforms to communicate with your clients. 

The team at Digital Link is here to help! If you have questions regarding your IT services, website, or social media and marketing, please reach out to us. Let us help you jump-start your 2023!  

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