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Using Tech to Create Unforgettable Spaces

December 6, 2017 • Tech Tips

Unforgettable Spaces home staging helps property owners prepare their homes for sale. Showing a property in the best possible light helps homeowners and realtors attract not simply interested buyers but the right buyers.

Company owner Stephanie Lycka is a Mac user and relies on My Darby™ to help manage inventory, including photos of assets and properties featuring particular pieces. Savvy Stephanie, a professional in the interior decorating and design industry, also uses social media to help promote her company.

Although based in Edmonton, Stephanie serves clients in surrounding communities. Email allows her to send staging photos, contracts and invoices to out-of-town clients, further cultivating relationships and building all-important rapport. These pillars, she says, are integral to her plans for continued, steady growth.

As other entrepreneurs often do, Stephanie wonders about cybersecurity for small business, including password vaults and creating secure passwords.

Trust Digital Link to advise you on creating easy-to-remember yet secure passwords. Look to Stephanie Lycka to create unforgettable spaces.

Connect with Stephanie on social media.
Instagram: @unforgettablespaces
Facebook: @unforgettablespaces
Twitter: @stephanielycka

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