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What Exactly Does DNS Mean?

August 3, 2017 • Tech Tips

We all like to fancy ourselves as computer literate, or at the very least, not a computer illiterate. But there are so many terms and acronyms that get thrown around that so many people don’t actually understand.

One of those terms (well, acronyms, if you want to be technical) is DNS.

What exactly does DNS mean?

DNS stands for Domain Name Servers. And if we wanted to hop into a Way Back machine, we could think of it as a telephone book for the Internet. (Yes, kids — we used to have books filled with everyone’s phone numbers. It was weird.)

Even though your friends might know your website domain by heart (because is very memorable), computers categorize things based on your Internet Protocol (IP) address. So, going back to that stellar phone book example, the Internet knows you by your phone number, not your name. The DNS acts as a directory to translate people-speak (domain names) into computer-speak (IP addresses).

When you register your domain name or update the DNS servers on your domain name, you are making sure the machines and technology that are the Internet can actually find you by giving the Internet your new phone number, essentially.

And then you sit by the phone and wait for everyone to come see your cats, in all of their purple-hatted glory.

Now, when someone talks about DNS, you will know what they mean. And you will probably also think of cats in purple hats.

You’re welcome.

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