Maintaining Company Culture While Working Remotely

January 10, 2022 • Business

While the new year is underway, it feels like we have stepped into a time machine and travelled backwards. As Omicron surges in the province, and restrictions are put in place, many are finding themselves working remotely again.

For some, this concept was tolerated for a short amount of time, with the hope that returning to the office would happen quickly. However, for the team at Digital Link, prior to the pandemic, most of our team members work from home. We want to offer some of our tips for maintaining company culture while working remotely.

Trust is the foundation

Trust plays a significant role in the success of your team and your business. When working remotely, it is important to value your employees as well as for employees to value their position and the organization for which they work for.

Digital Link uses several different platforms to ensure our success. These help us maintain deadlines, tasks, and communication. Microsoft Teams is used for both professional and personable chats between employees, while Microsoft Planner is key to maintaining tasks and deadlines. We use SharePoint for editing, brainstorming, and sharing documents between team members.

Avoiding micro-managing can be challenging, but it is essential to trust that deadlines will be met, and productivity will stay on course. Whether the work is done first thing in the morning, or in the middle of the night, if tasks are completed on time and meeting expectations, employees will continue to thrive, even while working remotely.

Communication is key

With the removal of the traditional office, individuals are spending more time on their own, and building connections with co-workers can be challenging.

At the start of each of our weekly team meetings, we spend the first bit catching up, sharing stories, or laughing about something we saw on social media. This provides a level of comfort with one another that we prioritize establishing so we also can confide in one another when we are challenged and can reach out for support.

To help build on the foundation of trust it is also important to communicate goals, successes, problems, and obstacles. Working from home can bring about unique challenges that would not be an issue in the office. Communicate what your situation looks like and what the expectations should be.

Flexibility and balance are important

We know we can count on one another, and we work as a team. Our productivity is high because we are given the freedom to work when we are at our best.

Don’t ignore mental health

Mental health is still often considered a taboo subject in the workplace. Yet, especially when working remotely, it is vital to check in with one another. Be a company that respects and understands mental health challenges.

Offer resources to your employees, and don’t be afraid to ask your employer for help or support if needed. We are dealing with a plethora of different issues that impact us all differently; so be accessible to your staff and encourage them to approach to you. As mental health advocates, we strongly believe in supporting one another without judgment, negativity, or shame.

These are just a few of the things we do to maintain our company culture while working remotely. We would love to hear what you, or your business, are doing to build relationships and stay connected while working away from one another.

Find us on social media and let us know. We would love to hear form you!

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