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Canadian Hard of Hearing Association-Edmonton Branch

February 16, 2023 • Charity Spotlight

We are well into February, and we can almost hear and feel the signs of spring. This month we are excited to share about another fantastic organization in Edmonton, the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association-Edmonton Branch. Keep reading to find out more about what they do, how you can support their efforts, and upcoming events!

The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association-Edmonton Branch is a non-profit charitable organization, by and for persons who are hard of hearing. Their mission is to increase awareness and remove barriers for individuals with hearing loss in the greater Edmonton area. They do this by providing support, programs, and advocacy. 

A vital part of the Edmonton community since the early 90’s, the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association-Edmonton Branch belongs to a National organization that has branches across the country.

Hearing loss interferes with our most vital link to people; communication through language and sound. The effects of this invisible disability can be profound. From employment, recreation, social to home and relationships, hearing loss can impact many facets of a person’s life. It knows no age, race, or gender boundaries. Everyone is affected! This is the largest growing population of persons with disabilities in the entire country. 

Did you know? One in every eight people you meet cannot hear messages well. In our senior community, that number increases to one in every two people. This works out to more than 100,000 people in Edmonton alone!

Education and Resources

The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association-Edmonton Branch offers a variety of classes such as:

  • Hearing sensitivity training for the public
  • Hearing Aids: how to wear and care for them
  • How to live successfully with a hearing loss
  • Speech Reading Classes
  • ASL classes
  • Hospital Health Care Kits
  • Installation of LOOPS
  • Captioning advocacy
  • Cochlear Implant support group
  • Youth Mentoring project
  • A NEW Employment Skills for Success course and support

The goal of the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association-Edmonton Branch is to provide support so that those with hearing loss can lead successful lives. 

How can you help? The association relies almost solely on donations, projects, fundraising and a casino event.

Upcoming Events

March 3: World Hearing Day! Book your hearing test and protect your hearing!!

May 31 & June 1: National Conference and Edmonton AGM

June 13: 6th Annual Golf Tournament at the Links Golf Course in Spruce Grove

Along with creating awareness of the association and keeping their doors open to provide service, money raised from this tournament also goes to their Hearing Assistance Fund. This fund allows the organization help people who are struggling to buy hearing aids with some additional money to do so. A hearing aid is the essential first step to being able to hear sound! They are in need of team participants, volunteers, prize and money donations, and sponsors in order for this tournament to be successful!

They are also looking for volunteers for the following events:

August 4 & 5: Air Show (50/50 sales)

August 24-26: Blues Fest (50/50 sales)

Fall 2023: Two-night Casino Event

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Program Director, Cindy Gordon. You can also check out their website for details on programs dates, and events!

The gift of sound is incredible, and we want to thank the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association-Edmonton Branch for providing support to those living with hearing loss.

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