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Digital Link’s PUP Patrol Needs Your Help

July 27, 2018 • Charity Spotlight

We’ve been talking quite a bit lately about Power Up the Planet (PUP). We can’t help ourselves; we’re so excited for this initiative!

We sat down with our very own Bimbola Adurogboye, whom you may have seen cruising around in his decked-out PUP Wagon. Learn more about the PUP project and the man behind the wheel.

E-waste refers to electronic products that have reached or are nearing the end of their useful life. Even though many of these goods can be reused, refurbished or recycled, e-waste still represents a serious threat to our environment.

Did you know that, in 2016, the world generated 44.7 million metric tonnes (43.8 million Imperial tons) of e-waste? That amounts to nearly 4,500 Eiffel Towers!

Power Up the Planet (PUP) is a two-pronged initiative. Our recycling program reduces e-waste and its negative impact on the environment, while our reuse and refurbishing efforts give select electronic equipment a new lease on life.

Digital Link can take away most electronics, including

  • mice
  • phones
  • printers
  • scanners
  • monitors
  • keyboards
  • mobile devices
  • computer towers
  • empty ink and toner cartridges

Bimbola has already picked up several such items. He’ll approach businesses in and around Edmonton to tell them about the PUP initiative. He’ll also be building operating systems to donate to people and organizations who need them. Contact us to have Bimbola come to your office or home to pick up your unwanted electronics. Best of all, he’ll do it at no charge!

With a degree in motion picture arts and over seven years’ experience in the film industry, Bimbola is passionate about filmmaking and has worked on future films, short films, documentaries and music videos.

Bimbola normally spends his spare time writing a screenplay, location scouting or jotting down ideas for future projects. He’s most excited that PUP plays a key role in an organization deeply committed to environmental stewardship and capacity building. He is motivated knowing that PUP not only reduces the impact of electronic waste on our environment, but that it also helps people in need of everyday items that would otherwise go to the landfill. 

If you or your business is interested in making a donation, contact Bimbola at Digital Link.

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