Charity Spotlight: DRIFCan


September 14, 2021 • Charity Spotlight

Every three minutes a Canadian is diagnosed with diabetes, and every year 40 thousand Canadians will lose their lives to it. This month Digital Link is proud to feature DRIFCan in our Charity Spotlight. We hope you read on to learn more about the remarkable work they do, and their dedication to diabetes research and finding a cure. 

For DRIFCan, The Diabetes Research Institute Foundation Canada, its most important mission is to accelerate the cure for Type 1 diabetes by directly funding cure-based diabetes researcher, Dr. James Shapiro, and his team at the University of Alberta. DRIFCan’s goal is to get 90/10; where 90% of all funds raised go directly to cure-based research.  

Largely supported by a volunteer board who actively supports the organization by raising funds for research, DRIFCan is a small, but mighty group! They have one employee who works from home, while the rest are volunteer based, who are committed to accelerate finding a cure for Type 1 diabetes in Canada. 

Did you know? There are over 450 Million people worldwide who live with a form of diabetes. the work that DRIFCan works on is not only monumental in its mission, but to improve and save the lives of those living with Type 1 diabetes. One way in which DRIFCan is unique, is by ensuring all funds raised stay in Edmonton. With their goal of 90% of all funds going directly to cure-based research. 

Like so many charities, DRIFCan experienced hurdles to jump during the pandemic. When the city shut down in March of 2020, the organization decided to pause as well. With many people and businesses struggling, and facing a variety of unknowns, asking for donations was put on the back burner. To keep volunteers safe and healthy, it was also important to take a step back and wait to see how everything would unfold.  

Fortunately, since DRIFCAn keeps their costs low, and are not an event-based organization, they were able to pivot and switch to virtual. This was found to be incredibly beneficial for them as they were able to connect with people outside of Edmonton. The diabetes community continued to support DRIFCan, and their reach expanded. Ever since, connections for the organization have grown, and now have support from all over the world. I spoke with Executive Director, Melanie Hibbard, who expressed how grateful they are for all their supporters. 

DRIFCan aims to spread awareness about the world-renowned diabetes research being done directly in Edmonton. To help them, donations can be made directly through DRIFCan. Since they count on the support of the community, spreading their message via social media is key. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They also appreciate finding volunteers who can help with online platforms, marketing, or any other way in supporting the organization. And, of course, funding is key! A cure can’t be found without the funding for research. 

DRIFCan is thrilled to be hosting their second annual, virtual event on September 23, 2021! Register to hear a live interview with Dr. James Shapiro on his cure-based research with host, Carrie Doll. Join the event, and help accelerate the cure to Type 1 diabetes. 

Thank you to DRIFCan for the work you do, and for helping to find a cure for Type 1 diabetes. We appreciate you and your passionate dedication to those living with this disease.  

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