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Kids up Front

August 22, 2023 • Charity Spotlight

As we wrap up August and head into September, we are excited to feature Kids up Front as our Charity Spotlight this month. Kids of all ages are preparing to head back to school, and we are excited to inform people about the important work that Kids Up Front do for children in our community. Keep reading to find out more, and how you can support their efforts! 

About Kids up Front 

Kids up Front provides fun, enriching experiences to deserving kids in the community by partnering with over 100 agencies like Ronald McDonald House, Bent Arrow Healing Society, and BGCBigs. By exposing kids to fun, they foster healthy childhood development, promote relationship building, and reduce mental health concerns. 

Kids up Front works with a wide variety of children and families who often come from vulnerable populations who face: 

  • Marginalization 
  • Poverty 
  • Housing or food insecurities 
  • Unhealthy or high-risk environments 
  • Mental or physical health concerns 
  • Disabilities 
  • Violence and/or abuse 
  • Living in remote and/or rural areas 
  • Limited access to information or services 

Because of Kids Up Front, children have access to sporting events, concerts, community events, cooking classes, and more.  

The impact of Kids up Front is immeasurable, as noted by the many inspiring stories of children who have had the opportunity to benefit from the organization. One such story from fifteen year old Tristan, is a true testament to resilience and compassion.  

After Tristan’s dad was forced to seek employment in British Columbia, Tristan rose to the occasion by taking on a large role in his household by taking care of his younger brothers and sisters, and lending a helping hand to his mom so she can rest and recharge.  

Unfortunately, during this time Tristan was also experiencing bullying at school for not being “black enough.” However, instead of fighting back, Tristan tried to make friends with his bullies and find common interests. He is also the only black child on his hockey team, which has had its own unique challenges. Despite all he has faced, Tristan maintains a positive outlook, and always chooses kindness. It is his amazing attitude that inspired his teacher to arrange for him to meet Edmonton Oiler, Evander Kane, with the help of Kids up Front. Tristan has looked up to Kane, and this was a life changing meeting for him. Read more about Tristan here!

Image via Kids up Front

How can you help? 

Kids up Front is always looking for support at upcoming events. Since kids and their chaperones enjoy these experiences together, which form lasting bonds and helps develop self esteem for the children, volunteers are needed to supervise the kids at events. View more information on how to become a volunteer.

Monetary donations help create these amazing experiences for kids in our community! Kids up Front invites you to join their monthly giving club! Just $15 a month can provide an experience to a child each month. 

Thank you to Kids up Front for the amazing opportunities they provide to deserving children in our community. They are truly making a difference, one child at a time! 

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