December 12, 2022 • Charity Spotlight

It’s hard to believe we are concluding our charity spotlight for 2022. As we wrap up the year, we are excited to feature WECAN Food this month! Read on to find out about the work that they do, and how you can support their efforts.

WECAN Food is a charitable non-profit that buys food in bulk and offers it to members at a discounted price. They provide fresh produce and frozen meat through a network of 22 depots throughout Edmonton and its surrounding area.

Members complete their order at the beginning of the month when they are more likely to have some money in the bank and food in the fridge. Food is then picked up during the third week of the month, in a nearby community. WECAN’s program is designed to help people through the month and allow them to stretch the funds in their food budget.

There are two types of food orders; produce which includes three types of fruit and three types of vegetables for $15, and two types of meat, which includes: beef, chicken and pork or beef and chicken for $20.

Currently, the WECAN team consists of two part-time staff, and many volunteers and partner organizations within the social service sector. The program is operated mostly by volunteers and the food is provided by their long-term partner, Edmonton Wholesale Market.

For November 2022, the amount of money that the members saved cumulatively was at least $6,238 or about $13 when buying one meat and one produce.

How can you help?

You can help support WECAN by donating volunteer labour and money! All funds raised go straight to their operating costs to help sustain the program for members. They are always looking for partners and volunteers willing to start new depots.

WECAN is currently looking for volunteers and organizations wanting to start a depot in Northeast, Northwest, and South Edmonton. If you know of people or organizations who want to improve food security in their community, please contact with WECAN directly.

We want to thank WECAN Food for helping us wrap up our Charity Spotlight for 2022! We also want to thank them for the work they are doing in our community and helping to provide healthy and affordable food for all Edmontonians.

We look forward to the new year, and continuing to feature amazing organizations in, and around, Edmonton in 2023. If you know, or work for one, please contact us! We would love to learn more!

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