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Reasons to Shop Local this Holiday Season 

December 5, 2022 • Business

December is in full swing! As the temperature gets colder, and the white stuff falls, it feels like the holiday season with each passing day. Maybe you have already started your Christmas shopping, or perhaps you haven’t even begun to think about it. Today, we want to talk about why you should shop local when doing your holiday shopping and we hope to inspire you to check out businesses right here in our community. 

Support your community 

This seems like the most obvious reason, but we feel the need to reiterate how vital this support, especially after the Pandemic, is to business owners. Many small businesses rely on the holiday season to boost revenue and bring in new and old clientele. By shopping local, you not only help support the business owner, but also our community by putting money back into where you live.  

For those who own their own business, you understand the importance of local support. If you aren’t a business owner, we encourage you to think outside of the box (store) and shop local this holiday season. 

Unique gifts 

Are you looking for the perfect present for a special loved one? Are you wondering what to get that certain someone who has everything? Shopping local is the perfect way to find amazing, unique, and specialty items. This shows the recipient the time and effort you put forth in finding a lovely gift, but also gives them the opportunity to learn about a business they may not know about. Whether it be a locally crafted candle with a favourite scent, or an art piece that speaks to a shared experience, you are sure to find something for everyone when shopping local. 

Better customer service  

Since small business owners live and breathe their business, you can guarantee that the service you receive when shopping local will be top notch. Many shop owners, and their employees, love to help patrons find the perfect item. They will listen to you and help you find exactly what you are looking for. They also rely on word of mouth, so if you have an enjoyable experience, consider leaving them a positive review on social media, and then tell your friends and family in real life as well!  

Say thank you  

As we mentioned, businesses have struggled immensely to operate to the best of their ability, provide quality products, and serve the community since the arrival of COVID-19. With so many well known and hidden gems in and around Edmonton, we are certain you will love discovering what is available right in your backyard. 

Do you have a favourite local business? Leave a comment on social media and help spread the love to businesses owners this holiday season. Happy shopping friends! 

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