WIN House: Celebrating International Women’s Day!

February 20, 2024 • Charity Spotlight

As we head into March, we are not only looking forward to spring, but also International Women’s Day, which takes place on March 8, 2024. In honour of this special day, we are excited to feature WIN House; an amazing organization that provides services and programs to those fleeing dangerous situations. The fantastic team at WIN House has also been working on a secret project, which will be unveiled to the public on March 7, 2024. Keep reading to find out more! 

About WIN House  

WIN House has been serving Edmonton and area for over five decades, offering women, non-binary individuals, and children a safe place to flee. The care they have for the people they serve can be seen through their passionate professionals, volunteers, and dedicated donors.   

WIN House is committed to continuing to provide safety, support, relief, and resources. Operating three shelters in Edmonton, they can house 60 people between their two emergency shelters and eleven individuals at their second-stage shelter.  

Offering a variety of services to their residents, including onsite nursing, their pet safe keeping program partnership with the SPCA, hot meals, school program, and community resources, WIN House plays a significant role in the Edmonton community.  

Celebrating International Women’s Day!  

Mark your calendars for March 7, 2024! WIN House has been working on something exciting! To commemorate International Women’s Day, they will be unveiling something truly impactful at Kingsway Mall. A powerful display, which will amplify the voices of the incredible women who find strength and refuge in their shelters, while helping to shed light on the challenges they face each and every day.  

Light The Darkness (image via WIN House Instagram)

“International Women’s Day is a great way to celebrate and honour the contributions of women. As the backbone of our society, women deserve recognition for their resilience, voices, and their stories. I believe that every woman possesses an immense amount of strength. This day serves as a reminder of the daily challenges women encounter and underscores the profound impact women have when they contribute to society. Our Light The Darkness Campaign is an opportunity to reflect on strength of women and acknowledging their invaluable role in shaping a better future for all.”

-Alicia Johnson, Marketing Communications Specialist 

Their goal throughout the month of March is “Empowering Women’s strength and resilience-hand in had, we #LightTheDarkness.” So, be sure to stop by their display after March 7th to experience the display yourself, help support the efforts of WIN House, and lift up the many amazing women who walk through their doors. 

“WIN House empowers women beyond providing shelter with supports, resources, and building a strong community. On International Women’s Day, we raise awareness of WIN House and all we have to offer.”

Alison Sicotte, Annual Giving Officer 

Follow Win House on Instagram to stay up to date and for more details as they prepare to unveil this special installation.  

“International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate us women. There is strength in all of us, and this WIN House structure is a physical reminder of how we can all gather together to #lightthedarkness no matter what circumstances come our way.”

-Desiree Conception, Major Gifts Officer 

Other ways to support Win House 

There are many volunteer opportunities both within and outside the shelter, allowing you to make a tangible impact. Likewise, there are various avenues for donating, whether through monetary contributions or providing essential items.   

They also have an Amazon Wishlist, where people can donate essential items which residents greatly need while in the shelter. For more information on the various ways to support WIN house, click here.  

The Digital Link team is excited to visit this incredible display in person! We hope that you too will help #LightTheDarkness by supporting Win House and the impactful work they do in our community.  

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