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Tech Resolution #2: Thou Shalt Use Anti-Malware Software

December 29, 2017 • Cybersecurity

(Haven’t read Tech Resolution #1 yet? You can do that here.)

Gone are the simple days of worrying only about computer viruses. Malware, which is any malicious software that threatens your computer, and includes adware, spyware, worms, trojans, and viruses, is a more all-encompassing threat. It also includes Ransomware, which raked in $1 billion in 2016 from companies who needed to buy back their encrypted data. Companies, potentially, like yours.

According to the AV-TEST Institute, over 250,000 new malicious programs are encountered every day. 

If you are using something like Windows 10, you have a built in security system. But it has to be turned on. And adding something like MalwareBytes to your system adds an extra layer of protection against the Internet Baddies that threaten your online (and offline) life.

Make sure your 2018 Tech Resolutions include a beefed up computer security system. Prevention is much better than panicked 8am phone calls to Digital Link to save your lost data!

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