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Tech Resolution #3: Thou Shalt Use Better Passwords

December 31, 2017 • Cybersecurity

Friends and Romans: you really need to stop using “password” as a password. I know – it’s easy to remember. It’s also the first password anyone trying to hack your account will try.

Expand your password a bit and you expand your security exponentially. If you have a basic 6-letter, lower case password, that takes all of 10 minutes to crack. But if you add just 3 extra characters, use upper- and lower-case, numbers and symbols, and suddenly, it takes 44,530 years.

So what do you do to remember these complicated new passwords?

You need a password manager. We tend to recommend Keeper. With just ONE password, you have a place to store all of your other passwords.

No more excuses: 2018 is the year of the strong password!

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