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Tech Resolution #4: Thou Shalt Avoid Public WiFi

January 1, 2018 • Cybersecurity

Unprotected access to public wifi is as risky to your financial and digital security as unprotected sex is to your health, and in 2018, we highly recommend you stop. When you log on to a publicly provided wifi network, all of your digital information, including your financial and identity data, is potentially at risk of being stolen. It isn’t worth it just to check your email.

If you insist on using public wifi, installing a VPN can help protect you, as can double authentication logins. When you visit sites, stick to https:// instead of http:// sites, as they are more secure. Or just get a bigger data package and turn off your automatic wifi-seeking.

2018 seems like a good year to lockdown your digital security, and avoiding public wifi is a great start.

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