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Brain Awareness Week

March 18, 2021 • General Interest

We only have one brain. And, like every other organ, we need to keep it healthy, safe, and happy.

This week is Brain Awareness Week (BAW), which is a global campaign to help increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research. 

The week was founded by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives  and the European Dana Alliance for the Brain , and is co-ordinated by the Dana Foundation. It began in 1996 in the United States with only 160 organizations. The goal was to bring together different groups such as: academics, government, and advocacy groups to encourage the research and discover of cures for brain disorders and diseases. Since its humble beginning, BAW has become a global phenomenon, which now includes 7,300 partners in 114 countries. 

About Brain Awareness Week

The official Brain Awareness Week website offers a tremendous number of resources for people of all ages. From fact sheets to puzzles to resources for educators, be sure to check it out for some incredible content. For those of us who aren’t getting any younger (looks in the mirror!), there are helpful exercises to strengthen your brain to keep your brain sharp. And there are many puzzles for kids of all ages. You could easily create a family activity, get everyone off a screen, and challenge your brain power. Additionally, you could make a family challenge to see who finishes first!

There are also truth or myth flashcards, where you can test your knowledge and learn some interesting facts as well. For example, did you know that the size of your brain doesn’t determine your intelligence? In fact, Albert Einstein’s brain weighed less than the average brain. But that’s all I am going to tell you! You will have to check out the website for the rest!  

If you are looking for some apps to help test your brain here a few options: 

Elevate-Brain Training 

Elevate is designed to help improve focus, speech, processing speed, memory, and math skills. It is also personalized to each user and will adjust as you use the app to maximize your results. 

Happify: For Stress and Worry 

With a name like this, how could you resist? Happify includes quizzes, polls, and gratitude journals, and will help you work on positive psychology. It also can help with stress and emotions.  

Braingle: Brain Teasers & Riddles 

With the goal to help keep your brain sharp, Braingle offers riddles and optical illusions that aim to help your ability to reason. And you can compete with your friends and family. So be sure to share it with others and have some friendly competition! 

Happy Brain Awareness Week! Let us know if you have any tips and tricks you like to use to keep your brain in tip top condition. And if you, or someone you know, is a brain injury survivor, please send us a message through social media or contact us. We would love to hear from you and share your story. 

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