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Technology and Kindness

November 14, 2019 • General Interest

Yesterday was World Kindness Day. As we stumble through the haze of our kindness hangover, it feels like a great time for the reminder that kindness should always be on trend. And it’s a great opportunity to talk about ways to use technology to help you spread kindness. (Besides, of course, sharing cat memes. Which is also a great way to spread kindness.)

So let’s talk technology and kindness.

Add important anniversaries into your Google Calendar

It’s a small thing, but when something either wonderful or tragic happens in the life of someone you love, add it to your calendar. Sending a kind note to let them know that you remember and you are thinking about them is one of the most generous things you can do in a relationship, and it typically means the world to people.

Ask three questions before you post

Before you post something to social media or online, ask yourself three important questions:

      Is it true?

      Is it necessary?

      Is it kind?

Perhaps more importantly, if you are a teacher or parent, repeat it as a mantra for your kids. Keep repeating it – put it on post-it notes on the computer – so that even if they roll their eyes, they absorb the message.

Download ReThink 

Sometimes, kindness is more about what you don’t say than what you do. With that in mind, ReThink is a very cool technology that helps you literally rethink the words you use online. Created by a 14-year-old girl, Trisha Prabhu, who read about a girl committing suicide because of cyberbullying, and was spurred to action. Teens in market research who used the app were 93% less likely to post harmful comments.

You can watch Trisha talk about her invention here.

Download a Random Acts of Kindness App

These apps help you come up with ideas for random acts of kindness and share your ideas with others. These little acts, like shoveling a neighbour’s driveway or buying the meal for the person behind you in line, not only make kindness habitual, but they make you feel great as well.

You can check these apps out on Apple (here or here) or Android.

Kindness should always be trending online. And when used right, technology and kindness can be a great match.

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