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10 Great Tech Gifts to Give this Holiday

December 17, 2019 • Product Reviews

It’s that time of year again! As the snow starts falling and the holiday decorations begin to pop up on every street corner, it’s time to start thinking about getting a special gift for the loved ones on your list. Tech lovers rejoice! We have a great list of tech gifts for those who are technologically inclined this holiday season.

  • Sonos Move speakers

With these battery powered speakers, you can bring music anywhere! These speakers are water and drop resistant, with music available via Bluetooth.

  • Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon’s Echo Dot smart speaker is an affordable alternative to some of the more expensive speakers available. Bring Alexa into any room of your house and see the versatility of what she can do!

  • Airwar Glow C

This versatile smart plug does so much for the air quality in your home. It has air quality, temperature, humidity sensors and a customizable night light. If you plug an air conditioner or fan into the Glow C, it will automatically come on whenever your room needs fresh air or is getting uncomfortably hot.

  • Amazon Echo Show 5

Amazon Echo Show 5 is the company’s smallest and most affordable smart display. It’s great for seeing headlines or making video calls from your desk and can also be used as a smart alarm on a nightstand.

  • Ikea Symfonisk

Ikea has teamed up with Sonos for their Symfonisk. A table lamp combined as a Sonos speaker, Symfonisk is complete with the company’s best-in-class multiroom audio tech. This versatile speaker comes equipped with Apple’s AirPlay 2 tech.

  • Wemo Smart Plug

The Wemo Smart plug is a nice introduction for anyone who is looking to add tech to their home. After downloading an app, the smart plug will control your lights and appliances. You can also control it using your voice through Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Home Kit.

  • Google Nest Hub

Google Nest Hub smart display acts as many things: it is a TV-like device that can play YouTube videos, it can act as a command center for all smart home gadgets, and can also be used  as a display for your digital photos through your Google Photos collection.

  • Philips Bluetooth Hue Smart Bulb

This soft white vintage-looking bulb can be controlled via Bluetooth. If you pair it with Hue Bridge, you have ultimate control over your lights.

  • Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

Bose has always been at the leading edge in the field of noise-canceling headphones, and its new 700 model reaffirms why. They have a sleek build, more effective noise cancellation, better voice quality and USB-C charging.

  • DJI Spark Drone

DJI’s diminutive drone is a fun, sleek drone, and it is the best place to start for anyone looking to experiment with flying a drone or shooting drone photography.

What would you add to our list for the tech lover in your life? Let us know on social media!

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