Apple Fall Event

Apple Fall Event

September 13, 2023 • Product Reviews

Curious about what to expect from Apple in the coming months? Today was Apple’s Fall Event, which was jam packed with many exciting innovations and announcements. Keep reading to find out what’s next with your favourite Apple products.

Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra will include all your favourites plus more! It is redesigned on the inside, with a big boost in performance with its most powerful chip yet, making the Apple Watch Ultra 30% faster with all day battery life. With the easiest way to use Siri, you can send requests which are now processed on device, which makes them faster. No more annoying lags due to poor Wi-Fi or needing to go to the cloud. Dictation is also 25% more accurate.

Apple Watch Ultra: Screenshot via live stream event

Brand new Siri and Health allows users to ask questions like “how much did I sleep last night? Or “How does my move ring look?” All the information can be logged and requested with voice activation and will be available early next year.

You can also ping your iPhone, using Precision Finding, where you are able to see distance and direction with haptic and audible feedback, even from another room.

New feature!

Introducing “Double Tap.” This new, innovative feature allows you to double tap your index finger and thumb together to answer a call, control the power button in the app, snooze an alarm, play music or scroll through widgets all with one hand activation. Now you can access your watch easily with one hand allowing for seamless use. Making using your Apple Watch even more convenient, this feature will be available next month.

Apple Watch Ultra Features: Screenshot via live stream event

Apple Watch Ultra 2

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is Apple’s most advanced watch, featuring a large display and stunning design.
What to expect with Apple Watch Ultra 2? Here are a few highlights:

  • Double Tap gesture
  • Precision Finding
  • Advanced voice activation
  • Brightest display available
  • New watch face
  • Altitude and depth and can be customized
  • Night mode
  • 36 hours of battery life

From day to night, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 also features advanced metrics and GPS perfect for running and cycling. Designed for extremes, tested among altitudes of all depths, and underwater adventures, your watch can go with you anywhere and everywhere.

With 36 hours of battery life and recycled content in the case, Apple demonstrates its commitment to the environment, aiming for a carbon neutral device.

iPhone 15

Pushing what users love even further! The iPhone 15 features a new design, with a dynamic island that expands and adapts to your alerts making it easy to control and use. With the A16 Bionic Chip, you will enjoy all day battery life with powerful and fast performance.

Express yourself in colour! Screenshot via live stream event

Viewing experience is improved with thinner borders and clearer picture, brighter display, photos and videos will look better than ever, peak outdoor brightness, comes in two sizes (iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus), contoured edges and brighter colours control the saturation of the phone. Also offers optimized durability, ceramic shield, and is water and dust resistant.


Maximize your memories with super high-resolution images with incredible quality and double the resolution with 48MP sharp photos and videos. Plus, practical file size for storing and sharing.
Your portraits will be even easier to capture than before! With the iPhone 15, you no longer need to switch to portrait mode as the camera will automatically detect a person in the photo (even works for dogs and cats) ensuring your photos are rich in colour and great low light performance.

iPhone 15 features: Screenshot via live stream event


Wireless connecting has never been easier. With the iPhone 15, you can connect to other devices from further away and can use Precision Finding to locate friends or family. Audio quality is improved when you make a phone call by allowing users to filter out surrounding noises. Off the grid, Emergency SOS, which was built for serious emergencies, is still available, but you will now be able to access Roadside Assistance via satellite where you can select the type of help you need dispatched to your location.

iPhone 15 Pro

Introducing iPhone 15 Pro, featuring its innovative Titanium design, built to be strong and durable while also lightweight. Its beautiful, contoured edges and thinnest borders features a tough ceramic shield front, available in two sizes, and four stunning colours.

Four sleek colours to choose from! Screenshot via live steam event

The next level of gaming! Enhanced gaming makes it faster, more efficient, more vibrant and more games will be available to enjoy, all in a device that fits in your pocket!

Pro Camera

iPhone 15 Pro Camera: Screenshot via live stream event

One of the main reasons users choose the Pro Model is that it captures the best photos and videos. The iPhone 15 Pro has the best camera system yet! It is equivalent to seven camera lenses in the palm of your hand! Featuring an advanced camera, with a larger system for high resolution photos and better low light performance and night mode. You can also customize the camera use to cater to your creative needs. With advanced zoom (120mm) lens, you will be able to capture moments up close and personal.
Users will also be able to create spatial video to enjoy on Apple Vision Pro allowing you to relive special moments in your life.

iPhone 15 Pro Features: Screenshot via live stream event

Environmental Factors

Calling Mother Nature! Apple is seeking to eliminate their carbon footprint completely by 2030. There are many ways in which they are working towards that goal including eliminatining plastic from all products by the end of next year, no longer using leather, using recycling aluminum, creating carbon netural offices and reducing transportation by shipping products by ocearn rather than air and planiting forests in places like Brazil. The Apple Watch Ultra is their first carbon neutral product, and will be branded as such on the packaging.

These new capabilities from Apple Watch and iPhone will continue to make a difference in our daily lives. The thoughtful design and performance will make them even easier and enjoyable to use, while making a significant difference to the environment as well.

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