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Camping Tech: The 5 Coolest Pieces of 2020

July 9, 2020 • Product Reviews

“Into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul.”  John Muir

Who needs camping tech, right? We go into the woods seeking a simpler life, with less technology and less access, and more peace. That’s why I go. And yet… I have to admit, this cool camping tech might make getting away even better! Let me make my case.

Camping Lantern and Tent Fan

I am firmly of the belief that if it isn’t in a tent, it isn’t really camping. If you are on Team Tent but hate waking up early because it is so stuffy and hot, then this is your solution. And if you happen to camp with someone who had too many beans (you know what I mean), then you’ll definitely be happy you have it!

It also provides light so if it keeps raining like this all summer, you can still enjoy some games in your tent.

Portable Mosquito Repeller

Nothing kills a camping buzz faster than an infestation of mosquitoes. I was once camping in Jasper and they were so bad, we ate while jogging around the site. It was awful. Had this been available at the time, I would have been all over it. Because, let’s face it, citronella candles don’t cut it. This device is cordless, lightweight, has no odour or flame, and creates a 15 foot protection zone with 12 hours of refills.

Solar Recharger and Multi-Tool Kit

If you are without electricity, but with someone who needs to post camping selfies to the ‘Gram, then you will need to find yourself a solar recharger. And there are plenty on the market. But this one is quick and it doesn’t overcharge or discharge. If you have something with a USB or microUSB cord that needs to be charged, this charger (and the sun) has you covered. Bonus: it has a flashlight and a fan!

Coolest Camping Tech: Electricity-generating Wood Campstove

This is the one that has me the most excited. First, you don’t have to bring gas canisters. The camp stove is heavier than most (two pounds), but the space freed up from not having to haul canisters (not to mention less waste) might be worth it. You simply gather twigs and branches on the ground and *poof* – you have a smokeless cooking fire. And second, the fire generates electricity to charge your electronics. I am officially making a WOW face.

Portable Espresso Machine

I’ll admit it – this one is just pure bourgie excess. And I don’t actually drink coffee! But if you are looking for a ridiculous but amazing gift for your coffee-obsessed camper, look no further. I don’t even know what else to say. Nothing says “living in dirt” quite like a tiny, pretentious coffee.

Alright – we’ve shown you ours. Now it’s your turn. What’s your favourite camping tech?

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