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Google’s Android 9 Pie Offers Delicious New Features

August 10, 2018 • Product Reviews

On August 6, 2018, Google announced the official release of Android 9, dubbed Android Pie.  This latest big update to the Android operating system is sweet news for anyone with a Pixel phone.

Let’s take a closer look at Android Pie and some of its delicious new features.

Bluetooth capability

Android O supported only two audio connections simultaneously. Now, with Android Pie, you can pair up to five Bluetooth devices. If a call comes in, Android 9 will route it to any Bluetooth speaker or paired audio accessory capable of handling calls.

If you love Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler or Jimi Hendrix but worry that an ear-piercing guitar riff may scare the snot out of you, first, congrats on having great musical taste! Second, worry not, friend. Android 9 remembers paired devices’ last volume level and adjusts accordingly. You won’t need a wardrobe change the next time you connect your wireless headphones or car audio system to your phone.

No more annoying notifications

Few people appreciate being told a gazillion times to pick up their socks or which way the toilet paper should go on the roll. We get it. Annoying and useless notifications get on your nerves.

With Android Pie, you can see which apps notify you use most frequently and, better still, you can stop it from happening again. If Android 9 sees that you routinely dismiss notifications without tapping into them, a prompt will ask whether you’d prefer to simply turn off notifications for that particular app. How sweet is that? Too bad you can’t do that to the neighbour who keeps pestering you to borrow the leaf blower, only to use it at 8 a.m. Sunday mornings!

Lockdown Mode

Said neighbour’s lack of consideration has sent you over the edge, driving you to knock him senseless with a pool noodle. Riddled with guilt and remorse, you’re huddled in your basement, concerned about the authorities’ forcing their way into your phone or forcing your finger onto the fingerprint sensor.

Had cooler heads prevailed, you would not be in this mess, but fear not. With the new Lockdown Mode feature, you can exit out of the lock screen and hide all your current notifications. You’ll need your passcode or pattern to unlock your phone. Other authentication methods, including facial recognition and fingerprints, won’t work.

Hot spot turn ons

As if these new features aren’t enough, here’s another sure to turn you on. If you’ve enabled Wi-Fi hot spot in Android Pie and worry about your battery, good news!  When Android detects that there are no devices connected, it will automatically turn hot spot off. Awww, how cute is that? This battery-saving measure knows when you’re no longer in the mood!

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