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Social Media Trends for Business

July 13, 2018 • Social Media

Over a series of recent blog posts, we have discussed social media extensively: what social media platforms are most popular, what you can accomplish with social media in your business, and how to utilize social media effectively. Now let’s talk about the future of your online presence, and what social media trends for business you need to know about.

Augmented reality

Not sure what augmented reality is? Think of those silly Snapchat face filters. While VR (virtual reality) places you in a new digital environment, AR enhances the environment you are currently in. Beauty companies use it to help consumers see what a coveted lipstick shade might look like on them, and there could also be great opportunities for you to use this technology in your business. AR spending and development is outpacing even VR. Expect this to get really big on social media and in business.

Instagram Stories

If you are an Instagram user, you have probably noticed, if not fully used, the Stories feature. If not, you should get familiar – it is growing in popularity. Especially if you have a visual product, Stories are a great way to promote and demonstrate your wares. It is also a great place to celebrate the people of your company. In our experience running social media campaigns, customers love seeing behind the scenes.

Customizable chatbots

You know how you schedule an out-of-office message for your email when you go on vacation? Well, imagine it was instead a customizable bot that could give information and even take orders in your absence! FB messenger alone has over 100,000 chatbot programs. Customers expect to use social media as a customer service platform. For the busy small company that doesn’t have the time to reply as promptly as people have come to expect, chatbots can be a great solution.


If you follow social justice movements online, you are probably familiar with Livestreaming as a way to include a digital audience. But Livestreaming is going to become even more important in social media, this year and beyond. If you have an event, a tradeshow, or a presentation, consider adding a Livestream option to engage your digital clients that either can’t or won’t attend live.


Like many of the things on this list, gamification isn’t new on social media or in business, but it is becoming more popular. Making your online presence a fun experience – with game-like features – will increase engagement and brand loyalty from your customers. You want to keep the process simple, with tangible and valuable incentives. Add contests, trivia, or small games into your social media and watch engagement increase.

A solid marketing plan, even in social media, involves the consistent effort of saying no to opportunities, and focusing on what works. You can’t do every new thing that comes along. But if social media is part of your marketing plan, this can mean simple tweaks. And it can make all the difference when you are trying to stand out.

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