Tips to Digitally Prepare for the New Year

December 28, 2023 • Social Media

It is hard to believe that we will soon be ringing in the new year. As many people begin thinking about 2024 and making note of their resolutions or intentions for the year ahead, we wanted to chat about how you can digitally prepare your business. From your social media presence to your website, you want to make sure you start the year off on the right foot and ensure your digital footprint is working to your benefit. 

So, let’s get started… 

Social Media Audit 

When it comes to your social media platforms, check to make sure all your profiles are up to date with correct information. This includes:  

  • Website link
  • Business address
  • Business contact information
  • Hours of operation

Your logo should be current, and any additional photos you are using to market yourself on social media. For example, if you’ve rebranded, make sure your social media profiles reflect that. If you are using photos of team members who no longer work for you, those should be replaced. 

Social media audit
What does your social media strategy look like?

Do you have a social media strategy? When was the last time you posted? Do you post consistently? Do your social media channels exist only to collect dust? Remember! When people seek you out online, and they find an account that hasn’t been active since 2019, they may end their search and assume you no longer offer services. If you aren’t utilizing a platform, consider talking to a professional agency (waves in your direction) to see how they can help.  

Have you claimed your Google Business listing? This information is typically shown on search results in a sidebar, which includes your business contact information, directions to your location, and customer reviews. Like your other social media profiles, you’ll want to ensure this is updated too! 

Website Audit 

Is your website copy current? Make sure the language used on your site reflects your business now and not from 5 years ago. Do you have strong calls to action? Is your contact information easily found? Do the links to your social media platforms work properly? These small, but important, details are key to providing potential clients the information they need and want.  

Your website also needs to be reviewed behind-the-scenes. We’re talking about the “back-end”, the bits and pieces that are not front-facing to the public when they view your website online. If your website is built with WordPress, check to see if you have any pending updates available. While we don’t recommend clicking the update button all willy nilly, having an idea of what is outdated can help budget time or costs involved to have this maintenance taken care of. 

Website designers working
Is your website ready for the new year?

Do you know when your domain and hosting renew? Do you know who your domain and hosting providers are? Now is a great time to update or create a document that lets you know when your services expire or are up for renewal. This is beneficial for not being surprised by an automatic credit card charge – or finding out your website has been taken down because an expired number was still listed on your account. 

If you have purchased premium licenses for additional themes or plugins on your website, these may also be up for renewal. For example, if you’re using a Pro version of Event Calendar, WooCommerce extensions, or a payment terminal, these may all need to be renewed annually to ensure you continue receiving updates and support. 

Digital Management for your Business 

There is a significant amount of work that goes into the digital landscape of your business. You may decide to have a designated employee ensure that all your digital marketing efforts are managed efficiently. Alternatively, you may decide to hire a web or communications company to help keep you up to date with all things social media and websites. We know someone who can help. Spoiler: it’s us! Hi! 

Everyone here at Digital Link would like to wish you a very happy new year! We look forward to helping you digitally prepare your business for 2024.

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