A Merry Night at Digital Link

December 22, 2023 • General Interest

‘Twas a night at Digital Link, lively and keen,
Where Alyce on social media was a content queen.
Her posts twirled and danced across the digital stage,
Captivating audiences, the trend of the age.

In a corner adorned with art and hue,
Amanda, the designer, brought visions anew.
Her graphics, a symphony of color and light,
Illuminated brands, making them ever so bright.

Erin with her words, both bold and grand,
Guided the message, a communications band.
Her strategies spun like a finely tuned loom,
Weaving a narrative that filled every room.

The IT brigade, with skills bold and bright,
Council of Jeffs, Brian, and Connor, a tech-savvy sight.
In the digital maze, they found their way,
Solving puzzles and glitches, keeping chaos at bay.

Meanwhile, in shadows where strategy takes wing,
Murtaza and Derrick, the partners, watch everything.
Not in the limelight, but ever so near,
Guiding the ship, their role was clear.

So on this festive eve, as we draw near,
Let’s celebrate the team, with joy and cheer.
For in the world of tech, where dreams take flight,
Happy holidays to all, and to all a good night!

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