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December 14, 2023 • Charity Spotlight

As we wrap up 2023, we want to extend our gratitude and appreciation to all the charities we have had the opportunity to feature this year. Our Charity Spotlight Series holds a special place in our hearts, and it is a favourite to write each month. We are amazed by the incredible people who help make these nonprofits as wonderful as they are, and we are grateful to have so many services available to our community!  

But we aren’t finished yet! This month, we are excited to feature Food Banks Alberta. Keep reading to find out more about what they do, and how you can help support their efforts. 

Food Banks Alberta plays a pivotal role in addressing the food insecurity crisis within our community. Through their Food Sharing Allotment Program, they have been able to provide their 112-member food banks with hundreds of thousands of pounds of food. 

Additionally, Food Banks Alberta has their existing community donation programs, which further provide support to local communities. Since the implementation of the program, they have shared surplus food that might otherwise be wasted throughout the province, ensuring it gets to the people that need it the most. 

“In 2021, Alberta Food banks distributed over 1.4 million lbs of healthy food to their member food banks – and in turn, into the hands of Albertans who needed it the most.”

Food Banks Alberta 

Food Banks Alberta is committed to serving and supporting its member food banks in every capacity necessary. Though their role in food distribution is vital, they also assist members with operations, administration, fundraising, and logistics.  

This holistic approach allows food banks the time and resources to focus on what they do best: providing for the most vulnerable. Working together, they address both the immediate needs of those facing food insecurity and empower members to serve with efficiency, efficacy, and compassion. 

The demand for Food Bank services continues to increase. Nobody plans to use the Food Bank, but their resources are available to provide what people need, when they need it most.  

“156,690 Albertans access the food bank every month. 58,536 of them are children.”

Food Banks Alberta 

How can you help? 

Food Banks Alberta appreciates all monetary donations which helps feed individuals, families, and seniors in need across the province.  

Here are some other creative ways to lend your support: 

  • Transportation 

Do you have connections to trucking companies within Alberta? Food Banks Alberta ships food (called allotments) to their members and moves surpluses from one food bank to another. Food Banks Alberta would benefit from utilising a main transportation provider. Volunteers also assist in reviewing routing and scheduling processes for the distribution of food to increase efficiency. 

  • Logistics  

Food Banks Alberta is looking for an expert in logistics that could review their current system within the warehouse and offer recommendations to make processes more efficient. 

  • Professional Services 

Food Banks Alberta would love to hear from legal firms, human resources (HR) professionals, communications specialists, and training and audit support sectors to inform these industries about the services that Food Banks Alberta provides. 

  • Material Donations 

Food Banks Alberta is always looking to utilise excess from businesses who might otherwise toss surplus products into the landfill. Because their reach is so wide (113 plus food banks), Food Banks Alberta can find a place for any donated goods. 

  • Office supplies. 
  • Gently used technology. 
  • Household items and personal care/hygiene.  

Food banks provide much more than food to people. Most food banks provide a “birthday party kit” to families, which includes cake, balloons, decorations, and a gift.  

  • Restaurants 

Food Banks Alberta can utilise any bulk product that may not be of high-quality enough to serve their restaurant patrons. 

  • Cardboard boxes 

Need a home for all those cardboard boxes collecting dust in your basement or garage? Food Banks Alberta always need sturdy boxes for hampers, storage, and distribution. 

  • Fuel and Mechanical Partners 

Food Banks Alberta appreciates discounted bulk fuel purchases and care/maintenance/repairs for their equipment (vehicles, forklift, freezer/refrigeration units). 

Nobody should go without food, and we want to thank Food Banks Alberta for providing such incredible support and services to communities throughout our province. This holiday season (and after!) we encourage you to consider volunteering or donating to your local food bank. Your support means the word to them, and to the families and people they serve. 

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