What Christmas Cookie are You?

December 21, 2023 • General Interest

As technology aficionado’s, we talk quite a bit about cookies. But not the type of cookies you eat, the ones you find while surfing the Internet. However, today, we want to indulge in the edible kind.

With Christmas approaching quickly, we wanted to have some fun and help you discover which Christmas Cookie you are most like.

Now, grab a pen and some paper to track your answers, and let’s get started!

Question #1

What is your Christmas decorating style?

a. Modern silver
b. Festive colours
c. Traditional and homey

Question #2

What is your favourite Christmas carol?

a. It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas – Michael Bublé
b. Let it Snow – Dean Martin
c. Last Christmas – Wham!

Question #3

What Christmas movie do you watch every holiday season?

a. A Christmas Carol
b. Home Alone
c. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Question #4

What is your favourite holiday activity?

a. Ice skating
b. Watching Christmas movies
c. Baking

Question #5

What is your favourite holiday drink?

a. A festive cocktail
b. Egg nog
c. Hot chocolate with marshmallows

Question #6

When do you open presents?

a. Christmas Eve
b. Christmas Day
c. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Question #7

What kind of Christmas lights do you love most?

a. Classic white
b. Fun and full of colour
c. A combination of both

Question #8

Your ideal Christmas looks like…

a. A warm holiday on a beach
b. A quiet gathering with close family and friends
c. A large gathering with all your friends and family

Question #9

What do you want for Christmas this year?

a. Something trendy and exciting
b. Nothing; you have everything you need
c. Something warm and cozy

Question #10

What are you most excited about this Christmas?

a. Eating all the food
b. Spending time with friends and family
c. Carrying on holiday traditions

If you picked mostly:

How did we do? Did we guess correctly? Perhaps you are a little bit of all three! We hope you enjoyed our quiz, and we want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year.

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