What your Christmas Tree says about your Perfect Gift!

December 12, 2023 • General Interest

You may know us as technology experts around here. But did you know that we are also able to predict what your Christmas tree says about the gifts you love most? Okay, perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration. However, for the sake of funsies, we wanted to see if we could properly predict what your Christmas tree style says about you and what you would like to see under that wonderfully decorated pine (or spruce, or artificial, whatever floats your boat).

So, without further ado, let’s get started.


Does the word monochromatic make you feel warm and tingly? Does a single colour palette fill your heart with the sounds of Michael Bublé crooning “I’ll be home For Christmas”?

Red decorations on a red background
Team monochromatic!

A monochromatic color scheme refers to a style that is comprised of variations of one colour. So, if your tree is adorned in blues, or silvers, or reds, or purples (you get the idea) you are a monochrome kind of elf. You likely don’t appreciate when other foods touch each other on the plate!

If you prefer a more monochromatic colour scheme for your tree, you would likely love to receive something a little fancier. Perhaps a sleek mug that keeps your coffee or tea warm all day long, or a Kindle for those evenings curled up on the couch reading. For those of you who know a monochrome personality type, we have the perfect gift guide for you to provide some inspiration.


Dashing through the snow, full of rainbows is your idea of festive. For you, the more colour the better, and has you signing Mariah Carey’s, “All I Want for Christmas is You”, at the top of your lungs while decorating.

Assortment of colourful Christmas tree decorations
Team colour!

Your tree is likely adorned with every colour you can possibly imagine, it sparkles from the road for all to see, and nobody would ever say your tree is boring, or lacks pizzaz.

If this is you, you likely love gifts that are filled with fun and bring back memories from your childhood. Some great gifts for you might include a board game like Scattergories or Pictionary, tickets to a play or concert or a gift card to your favourite restaurant or local bakery/coffee shop.


Turn on some Bing Crosby, get out your collection of ornaments you’ve had since you were a child and get started on your tree.

Assortment of traditonal Christmas tree decorations
Team traditional

If you lean toward the more traditional tree, you likely have ornaments from not only when you were young, but those you have began to collect for your own children or yourself as an adult. You likely don’t care too much about the colour scheme, but rather about what the decorations mean to you and your family.

Maybe your style can’t be quite defined, but you fall somewhere between monochromatic and colourful. Plaid ribbon might be your first choice, or perhaps you like to keep it old school with some silver tinsel. The tree is more about a feeling, rather than how it looks.

If you are a traditional tree decorator, you likely love gifts that come from the heart. Whether it be something hand made, an item for your home that was crafted by a local artist, or an item your little one made, you care less about what’s under the tree and more about who is around it.

How did we do? Did we get your gift preferences right? Or did we totally miss the mark!

No matter how you decorate your tree, we hope it fills your heart with the magic of the season, and that you find joy in the little moments throughout the month.

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