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April 19, 2024 • Charity Spotlight

As we wrap up another month, we are excited to share our latest Charity Spotlight feature, Shelter Movers. Keep reading to find out more about this vital charity, the impactful work they do, and how you can help support their efforts. 

About their work 

Shelter Movers provides something not offered by any other Canadian charity – free moving and storage services for clients who are transitioning to lives free of abuse. Trauma-informed translation services are offered, ensuring individuals are understood and feel safe. Shelter Movers also assist clients with transporting pets or finding local pet fostering, making sure every member of the family is taken care of. 

Survivors are referred to Shelter Movers’ intake team by local agencies. Once a client’s logistical needs are established, they will develop a move plan. This involves a volunteer move team, security personnel as needed, and a detailed itinerary that focuses on the client’s safety and priorities. On the day of the move, a team of volunteers trained in trauma-informed practices packs, moves, and unloads belongings into storage or their new home.  

This intricate process is done with dignity, high levels of security, and strict confidence to help survivors leave abusive situations and retain their belongings.  

Did you know that Alberta has the highest rate of police-reported intimate partner violence in the nation, according to Statistics Canada, with 535 incidents per 100,000 population in urban areas. This is a stark reminder that many survivors of abuse need greater hands-on help to escape family violence situations.  

Shelter Movers launched in Calgary and Edmonton in September of 2023 to help meet this need, and in 2021, Shelter Movers was the first Canadian organization recognized by the French Red Cross and the Spanish Red Cross’ RED Social Innovation. This honourable designation is granted to organizations that meet distinct criteria related to social impact, innovation, accessibility, and viability. 

“Shelter Movers supports families fleeing violence with, on average, two children under the age of 9.”

Shelter Movers Edmonton 

How you can help 

Shelter Movers is powered by volunteers and funded by community support. They rely on the kindness of those who share their vision for financial support to cover truck rentals, insurance, packing materials, storage, security, training, and staff.  

Their services are always completely free for clients, made possible through the generosity of community partners, grants, and private donations. To continue providing this service to survivors at no cost, Shelter Movers is seeking Albertans who have time to assist with moves, and businesses and community organizations to partner with.  

Visit Shelter Movers at the Edmonton Volunteer Fair at Centre Stage in the West Edmonton Mall on Saturday, April 20th from 10am-3pm. You can follow them on Facebook to keep up with future events. Learn more about volunteering with Shelter Movers, or make a donation. 

We want to thank Shelter Movers for the impact they are making in providing life-changing and life-saving services to those who are seeking safety and support. 

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