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Public Wi-Fi: Keep your Information Safe Online

March 1, 2022 • Cybersecurity

When you log onto a publicly provided Wi-Fi network, all your digital information, including your financial and identity data, is potentially at risk of being stolen.  

We have all been notified of an email while waiting in line at our local coffee shop. Or perhaps you take a moment to browse an online store and spend some of your hard-earned cash. However, when connected to public Wi-Fi, you run the risk of your information being stolen and your personal data being breached.  

Our main recommendation when it comes to public Wi-Fi, is to avoid using it. Especially if you are accessing information that is connected to your email, online banking, or private information.  

If you must use public Wi-Fi, there are a few things you can consider to help keep your data safe. These, however, are merely suggestions and we don’t guarantee that when even following these steps, your information won’t be hacked.  

Here are a few tips: 

  • Make sure you use an encrypted connection. This means that the URL used should begin with HTTPS and not HTTP. You need to stay vigilant as you navigate websites, as some sites can send you to an unsecured page, leaving your information vulnerable. 
  • Consider installing a virtual private network, also known as a VPN. This service protects your internet connection and privacy online. By creating an encrypted tunnel for your data, it will protect your online identity by hiding your IP address and allows you to use public Wi-Fi more securely. 
  • Use multi-factor authentications for all your accounts (this should be common practice for all websites, when possible). In doing this, you add an extra layer of protection for your personal information by prompting yourself for an additional security measure before logging in. 
  • Purchase a larger data package from your mobile provider and turn off your automatic Wi-Fi-seeking. 

If you need to check your banking, or purchase a gift, these types of online activities should be done from the comfort, and safety, of your home. You never know who is behind a keyboard, waiting to steal your information. 

We want to ensure you and your information is safe! If you have any questions about purchasing a VPN, or want to ensure you are keeping your information safe, our team of IT professionals would be happy to assist you. Call us at (780) 616-3120 or reach out to us on social media! 

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