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Listening Apps Part 1: Podcast Apps

October 17, 2019 • Product Reviews

Who doesn’t love a good podcast? Podcasts are wonderful packages of information, that are easily digestible in audio format, and they can teach you about any topic that you could possibly ever want to know. From history, to parenting, to cooking and comedy, a podcast’s subject matter can be as diverse as there are people on the planet, and they are all easily ready to consume directly from your phone.

Today, we are going to explore three great podcast apps that you can find and listen to the best podcasts around.

Apple Podcasts

If you’re an apple user, look no further than Apple Podcast for you podcasts. Easily one of the top podcasting apps out there, Apple podcasts gives you a huge variety of podcasts to choose from. They organize all of their podcasts by category, making it super easy to browse and find one that may pique your interest. Top rated podcasts are highlighted, helping you jump on the bandwagon of that podcast you just keep hearing about.

Why we love it: It’s super easy to find the podcasts you are looking for and are able to explore new podcasts according to your interests. Also, should you wish to review your favourite podcasts, it really helps their rankings and helps other podcast listeners find their podcasts more easily. Give it a try!


SoundCloud is a fantastic music and audio app that allows users to search for new music and podcasts as they become available. Acting as a quasi myspace of the modern age, creators are able to upload audio files as they create them, whether they are music files or podcasts. Creators can take advantage of the opportunity to share their podcasts with millions of users on SoundCloud, to host unlimited airtime for their podcasts and to get access to advanced stats on all of their episodes. Podcasting veterans have access to even more advance features for uploading their podcast content to SoundCloud.

Why we love it: The variety of podcasts when using SoundCloud as your primary podcast listening app is wonderful. You get access to new content daily, and it’s super easy to find content from your favourite content creators using the app.

Podcast Addict

While the interface may look a little bizarre at first, Podcast Addict is a phenomenal podcast app for Android users. Not only are you able to look for podcasts, but the app also caters to audio books, live streams, YouTube, Twitch and SoundCloud channels. Talk about versality and flexibility! Podcast Addict is amazing for downloading Podcasts for when you are sans-wifi, and offers a beautifully laid-out platform to search for and organize the podcasts you’ve subscribed to.

Why we love it: It’s super easy to browse podcasts in different categories (including some of my fav: History, cooking, and my ultimate weakness, CBC podcasts), and organize once you’ve subscribed and downloaded episodes. Just like in Apple Podcasts, reviewing your favourite podcasts help with their ratings, so give it a try!

If you’re looking for some ear candy, why not give one of these three apps above a try? Let us know which one you prefer, as well as which features you find the best, below!

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