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May 3, 2019 • Product Reviews

If there’s one thing we really love at Digital Link, it’s technology. If there’s a second thing we really love at Digital Link, it’s summer. Combine the two, and you have a blissed-out group of (sweaty) nerds enjoying some great summer technology.

Let’s talk about some fun technology you might be interested in this summer. And to be clear, these are not affiliate links – we are just recommending the cool things we find.

Waterproof Sports Drone

Not only is the drone waterproof, but so is the controller. It can even briefly dive underwater! Imagine how much you can terrify fellow swimmers! It has a GPS mode for junior pilots to fly with confidence, and a senior pilot mode with more control. And the pictures are sharp and beautiful.

It’s lightweight, well-reviewed, and the shipping is free to Canada. If you are looking for a drone to take out on the water (or even in the water), check out the Spry Waterproof Sports Drone for a little over $1300 CAD here.

Portable Personal Cooling Device

Which just 4 litres of a water and a power source, this portable cooling device gives 10 hours of reprieve from the heat. You can get a vehicle power cord and plug it into your car/RV/boat or use it in the house in a regular outlet. It is low-voltage (meaning it won’t be an energy hog) and low-maintenance.

Plus, it kind of looks like a Storm Trooper.

If you need to make things a bit cooler this summer, you can check out the CULER SOLO Single Port Flash-Evaporative Air Cooler at Amazon for $200 CAD.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

If you are a pool or lake lounger who prefers to never be without your summer mix, this WONDERBOOM speaker is – I think – the best small and portable waterproof friend you can make. Even though it’s small, the sound is fantastic. If you want even more sound range, you can connect two of the speakers together for a party. It even floats! And if it gets dirty, well…you just rinse it off.

This guy is available at Amazon for $100 CAD and is very well-reviewed.

Swim Jet

No one needs a jet to propel them through water faster. I mean – theoretically, arms and legs can do that. But that doesn’t mean this doesn’t sound super fun.

You can go up to 2.5 mph for 25 minutes and to depths of up to 30 meters on this hand held jet. You’ll be the best Marco Polo player in the pool! If you accidentally let go, it will float to the top, so you don’t have to worry about losing it. Plus, you can mount a camera on to keep your snorkeling or children-scaring memories forever.

What do you say – should we make 2019 the year that Swimming is for Chumps?

With or without technology, summer is made for having fun. This technology just makes it a bit cooler, faster, and louder. With pictures from higher up. You don’t need them, but don’t you kind of want them?

If not, what’s your favourite summer technology?

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