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Twitter Will Now Allow You to Retweet Twice

July 25, 2019 • Social Media

If you’re an avid Twitter user, retweeting is probably your jam. If you aren’t in the loop, Retweeting is a feature that allows you to share another user’s Tweet onto your timeline.

A little while back, Twitter introduced retweeting with comment, which is similar to sharing a post on Facebook and adding a caption. You hit retweet with comment, and it prompts you to write something that will be displayed as a caption on top of the retweeted tweet. 

Users usually choose to either retweet something as it is or to retweet with comment – but now you can do both!

Twitter has just launched the ability for users to click retweet and retweet with comment. Basically, they’re giving you more ways to annoy your followers. Just kidding! 

In all seriousness, it’s an awesome update for those who love to share content and also want to add some commentary along with it. 

The screenshots below show what it looks like when you retweet, and then retweet with comment on the same Tweet. The first screen shows that you retweeted it (“You Retweeted”), and the second shows your retweet with comment.  

This new feature is great because it gives you more options and more flexibility if you can’t decide how you want to share a Tweet. 

Now, while this feature is really nice, we’re all still waiting for Twitter to get on board with creating an ‘edit Tweet’ button. We can only dream for now!

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