Windows 11 to upgrade or not to upgrade

Windows 11: To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade

October 7, 2021 • Tech Tips

On October 5, 2021, Windows 11 was released. Upon its launch, the Digital Link team went to work making sure to test it thoroughly. With Microsoft’s tagline, A new Windows experience bringing you closer to the people and things you love, we highlight below if this is, in fact, true. 

What are the changes? 

An obvious change is found with the Start menu, which is now centered on the screen, and so are the icons from the taskbar. When a user clicks, “Start,” a menu of frequently used apps opens, similar to the look of a Smartphone app menu. You will also notice that there are no longer tiles that were part of the design for Windows 10. Our own Derrick Meyer, who has been testing the upgrade, has already rearranged some of its features, as he isn’t a fan of how the Start menu mimics the look of a MacBook. 

In design, Microsoft has chosen to apply rounded corners, simplified menus, and folder views. You can arrange windows and put them into grids. Widgets have also returned, and they reside in a sidebar on the left, which are linked to Microsoft services.  

Another of the notable changes within Windows 11, is a new font. Segoe UI Variable is an original font created specifically for Windows 11. With respect to visibility and readability, at both small and large sizes, this font was created to be legible on all devices.   

Should you upgrade? 

Of course, with any upgrade, there are issues that arise. For example, there is a well-documented memory leak within Windows Explorer.   

This memory leak can leave systems running slowly and may even cause them to shut down. 

Some features require newer hardware, and therefore not every computer will be compatible with the upgrade. The minimum requirements include a type of security chip, which is only installed on modern (within the last 5 years typically) computers. Activating this chip may be required prior to completing your upgrade. (Ask us how!) 

So, what do we recommend? Since Windows 10 will continue to be supported until October 2025, we suggest waiting to upgrade. Rather than hopping onto the band wagon, we advise letting the bugs be sorted, and tested further before committing to the download. Our team will be revisiting Windows 11 in six months and will provide an update to our thoughts as we continue testing it internally with our team of IT experts.  

As always, we are here to help! If you have questions regarding the Windows 11 update, please contact our team today.

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